Shopping Spree 2019

Hello, my first adventure is about my shopping spree. I went to a number of local stores about the city. Victoria is beautiful today. The sun is out and the air is crisp, a fine autumn day.

I blew 85 bucks on a variety of sundry items. This Journal being the very best purchase. It came from “The Library of Tara Fietz in Okatoks, Alberta”. Or, so it says on the cover. I’ve been out that way. I spent 25 years living and working in Edmonton, Alberta. And it is a pleasure to receive such a gift from a local.

“A Hobbit’s Journal: Being a blank book with some curious illustrations of friends & foes of the nine companions. From the collection of Sam Gamgee”. My favourite book by far. Who knows what inspiration it may bring me.

“The Essential Tolkien Trivia and Quiz Book: A Middle-earth Miscellany by William Mackey”. It looks like a promising ‘flash card’ study tool. I hope it is much more. Could it be, Gandalf and Sherlock, the same person…?

I’ve been thinking about reading “The Hobbit” in the near future. And here I went and scooped a companion reader by many famous authors and critics. I may as well admit I wouldn’t mind reading “The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy” too! And of course the companion reader frames the reading well.

Lastly, I am favoured by the following book. It seems like kismet, so many chances come and go, and I have recently read an autobiography on J.R.R. Tolkien. But here is another, “The Man Who Created The Lord Of The Rings”, by Michael Coren.

Also, I am truly enjoying all the great illustrations in this journal by none other than Michael Green. Well, that’s enough for today, Good luck in all your literary adventures!

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