Invest In Yourself

Life’s consequences begin with instant gratification.

Don’t do it.

Learn to be a great communicator, get a mentor or teacher and practice reading, writing, and blogging, researching and talking to others.  An acting class would help.  Keeping a journal or diary is a good idea.

Dream, get enough sleep, learn to daydream, be creative.

Think, talk to yourself, use your inner voice.

Spend the time to take care of your life and loved ones.

Be organized and do your homework:  set up a schedule to study, exercise and eat well.

Learn to manage all your affairs in a healthy way.

How to Invest in Yourself: 10 Life-Changing Ways to See Big Returns



The ancient Greeks used their leisure time to learn.

In society today, people do the very same thing.

It is hard to imagine this favourite pastime as a mistake or even the other extreme.

To learn is part of our routine.

It is a very pleasurable activity for most.

Join in on a course and learn something of your choice.

Your routine will thank you for it.