Story Point: I was listening to jazz while getting my MRI last night.

Things got backed up because of construction on my way to the hospital.

I left an hour early, but between the construction and premium on parking…

I made it with 5 minutes to spare, but used a lot of profanity while driving those last 15 minutes in the car.

Surprise thanks, he,Medical imaging tech, asked what kind of music I wanted to hear.

Jazz: Billie Holiday, John Coltrane and Diana Krall.

TD JazzFest Winding Down

Across the street, in the midday sun, the amazing fans stay perched in their bleachers, listening to hot jazz.

Last-chances to hear from the people who light up our minds!

New York Jazz

With the TD Jazz Fest starting this month in Victoria, B.C, Canada,

I thought it appropriate to play some city jazz,

And my personal best city is NYC.

Good music for good cities everywhere!

Smooth Jazz

To me, it has to be evening,

who wants to do it in the morning?

Who says you always have to be right?

Who is the flaky fool I like so much?

Music is so damn subjective.

It has a certain buzz that allows me to chill out at night time.

I like the sights and sounds as long as they sing with a good riff and long sighing, sweet way about it.

Not that it’s cool or cool.

Not that much fun, but to relax, and get a chance to wind down.

Maybe, I wanna go to sleep or something.

It’s kinda philosophical.

And I just want to listen and quiet down:


Glass Poetry

8 and a half by eleven,

A plate glass panel with engraved poetry,

Live, love, laugh…

Platitudes like ‘ meditate on good thoughts until you can meditate well.

Yard bird

Jazz is Coltrane, Miles and Parker.

A prisoner of the mind when the patterns play and when the creation is not working out.

Sound and its silent spaces make music  sing.

Time passes with or without a beat.

A phone meets the listener, because the player makes a call that rings.

Bring the quarrelsome quintet into the chamber.

The blast echoes with Bings and bangs.

Spirits fly high and low.

Work for balance and enjoy the show.