It Sounds Like Christian Music, good music…

When sexual outcomes serve as a reward,

Not just because I’m bored,

Wearing condoms and take a pill,

Are standard methods to prevent a chill.

Unless you mean STD’s,

Then you need another kind of 💊.

Why is HIV such a stigma and makes it hard to have fun sex?

Lack of understanding and respect,

Do I understand and respect sexual outcomes?

Then, I may have a good answer.

Smooth Jazz

To me, it has to be evening,

who wants to do it in the morning?

Who says you always have to be right?

Who is the flaky fool I like so much?

Music is so damn subjective.

It has a certain buzz that allows me to chill out at night time.

I like the sights and sounds as long as they sing with a good riff and long sighing, sweet way about it.

Not that it’s cool or cool.

Not that much fun, but to relax, and get a chance to wind down.

Maybe, I wanna go to sleep or something.

It’s kinda philosophical.

And I just want to listen and quiet down:


We have broken things up pretty good.

Mankind is still available for small group activities, and humanity is still raging on with death and destruction.

The goal is to understand competition, hatred and acting in self-destructive group-acts like war.

It’s not always polite to stare in the mirror.

Sometimes we need to go about the business of procreation, raising the family, community, going to work, etc.

It would have been nice to go to a four day work week, but we fucked that up when we started to think IT was the end all be all.

Technology and science by extension are pretty heady, but so is having a sanity for the individual and group to grow into the 21 century.

It seems like a good time to use old technology like mindfulness or meditation.

Old ideas like globalization can’t be all bad.

Things can still go south with unknown diseases, over population, poverty, natural disaster and more.

Never a dull moment with human consciousness.

The Faith Of Belief: Love Is…

The narrative of love begins with an experience and ends with a state of mind.

Together with the memory of sensation and this state of mind, each unique person can grow, share and experience this love over and over again.

Each episode of love can be shared and produce longer states of mind.

A strong state of mind whereby positive emotion supplements the experience to love yourself and others.

The love experience can be a person, place or thing.

Sexual love is absent of passion to destroy, limit, or manipulation.

There is also a noticeable absence of lust.

Loving another can be simple, compassionate and long suffering or patient.

Although, love can be used to describe the act of sexual intercourse, it also encompasses an experience with the beloved before, during and after sex and hopefully years to years into your future.

Love is agape:  love with all the disagreeable parts of the beloved one’s faults.

Philia is love of charity or giving to others.

Storage is a show of physical love through touch or expression like a kiss, hug or light touch.

Eros is sexual desire and expressed with intension to arouse or do sexual intercourse.  It is very provocative and can stimulate arousal.

The awareness of love moments help produce the very love you wish to prolong.

The reason for love is the state of mind.

The proper impression of love is not lust or passion.

Love is truth and beauty, that is all.

Love is physical, emotional, and a long lasting commitment.

Love has potential:  it can grow, change and diminish or dissolve.

Two people, with a willingness to experience positive emotion and ‘let go’ of negative emotion can foster a love for each other.  This experience will be emotional, physical and an ongoing experience.

To build love is a choice.

To destroy love is a choice.

To change love is a choice.

Where ever your love leads, choose to build a love habit.

Do men like school?

Doing the research for this question I found out three things: men like sex, men like school girl uniforms and kids don’t like school because it’s like prison.

So based on these references I think men are preoccupied and the question doesn’t come up.

Maybe we need to talk about it?