This Is What I like (community and Stuff)

Going out for a hike in the woods-take a hike.

It’s hard to say who is taking care of who.

There are some pretty helpful people, I just got to ask them.

Sometimes, my pride gets in the way.

Other times, I’m just ignorant-don’t know what to do.

I just happen to know, I like to fish.

It’s been a long time.

I use to go fish on the breakwater, or out in a boat.

I like fishing in the Cowichan River.

But, something is missing, I need someone to go with down by the river.

So, I guess, I need to find someone to ask for help.

I guess community means a lot to me.

My uncle and I went to this fishing derby.

I won an orange sleeping bag.

I think my uncle had a better time than me.

I went fishing with a my friend at the breakwater.

We caught a dog fish in the rain.

My friend had a much better time than me.

But I enjoyed being there with a friend, at this breakwater, even in the rain.

People getting together makes most activities enjoyable to me.

Especially, common interest, they seem to initiate the need to get together and spend time with people.

It’s funny, being with relatives, family, friends, and some acquaintances.

I like being with people.

The need to ask for help and the ability to do it.

I like learning how to do it.

There is a good community at home, abroad, and during my common interests or anywhere else I choose to be.

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