Aloha Hawaii

There is no better way to learn about a place than through its history and people, when they are represented by their good.

Some will come to this by travel, images and through their imagination.

Today we have videos and movies to magnify their good.

With this in mind I highly recommend “Running for Grace”.  As it says in the introduction, it is set in 1920’s Hawaii, a young man of mixed race and the daughter of a white plantation owner must overcome racial and class prejudice to be together.

Cast:  Ryan Potter, Matt Dillon, Jim Caviezel and Director:  L. Cunningham.



To see the stars you need clarity.

Check out Hawaii at 14000 feet with 13 telescopes,

Or go down midway to do naked eye stargazing,

Check out an app for locating some place without light pollution,

Take pictures and learn about the objects in the sky,

Bring your favorite goodies to enjoy the evening out:

coffee and chocolate to stay awake and clothing to stay warm.

If you go all the way to the Hawaiian Islands for a visit,

Plan out some other interesting activities to see and do as much as you can and get yourself engaged to a place that is beyond just a vacation destination.