Plant Therapy

Abele Green is my 15 year old Easter Lilly that needs a haircut.

She gets equal work for equal pay.

I have the responsibility to water, weed and repot her.

She keeps me honest and freshens up my place.

A reminder of my friendship with my mother, I try to treat her with TLC…

Earth Day Canada

A memory from September 11, 1970

As a young boy my elders gave me a lesson on why not vandalize a tree.

I eventually learned about ecology, inner tidal zones, and naturalism.

I did a lot of tree planting and forest fire fighting as a young man.

I spend a lot of time outdoors: walking, hiking and biking.

I try to recycle, recover and reuse.

All these activities are still practiced across the country.

My Planet (Earth Day Tribute)

The mountains, rivers, and valleys are various parts of my body, the thin layer of dirt is my skin.

Underground there is a natural engine or molten core that spins like the sun.

I have a heart that pumps blood.

And a brain that connects to a nervous system, lymphatic system, a spinal column with a muscular system that wraps in organs that produce nutrients to maintain different parts of my body.

The earth is no different. She has earthquakes, tidal waves, trapped gasses in the oceans and underground, lava flows, hot springs, and many other natural occurring activities above and below her surface.

Worms and flukes make up a variety of small creatures who eat,reproduce and die.

There are bigger systems like flocks of birds or smaller ones like colonies of microbes.

We all eat, reproduce and die.

We live among each other,

We affect and need each other.

We live, reproduce and die together.

This is Mother Earth.

This is nature…

East and West

Tribute to David Suzuki:

There is a way to pay homage to this planet and the way we all endeavor to praise and practice good habits to preserve this good earth.

Many gain fame and fortune but lay truth to bare against the ruin we create in the wake of ‘progress’.

It is more than environmental studies and practice.

We engage each other in dialogue to gain good practice.

We want environmental control to prevent pollution, damage or disastrous destruction.

Mr. Nickolichuk, a high school teacher, a good example of prevention is better than cure.

A choice to use art as a vocation and science as a foundation will always engineer a better practice for a better world.

When we understand the world philosophy and teach our ways to the children, we will learn to practice what we preach: non-violence, world peace, safe practices for a environmentally friendly way of living on this planet.

It is just another good direction to improve present conditions: think about it.

Green, Green

Earth is a wonder.

The astronomical fact is clear.

From space this planet is bright with light that reflects naturally from the sun.

Of course, we see the colors white and blue:  lots of cloud and water.

The land is brown and green.

At night there is dark blue and black.  Many bright lights shine from cities around the world.  Sometimes, there are flashes from lightening storms.

The dominate color of the Aurora Borealis is green, because it represents atomic oxygen or the atmospheric gas.

Green represents oxygen gas when the atomic particles are charged in the atmosphere.

And it represents the plant life on this beautiful planet.

All this science proves the truth about our pretty home.

And yet, the color in this picture is changing from an abundance of green to more and more brown.  We are loosing the life here on earth.

Will we need to move to survive?

Can we live in a greener way?

Do we want the planet to live?

Questions abound about the experience of living a greener way on earth.

Is it the right decision to live a greener life?

Most of us try to keep on ‘striving and thriving’ in many ways.

Celebrating poetry, astronomy and earth day represents truth and beauty today.

Being responsible at work and play makes a greener planet.

Going green makes sense to me.

I believe in practicing what I preach, because it is the best way to live.

In this spirit, it seems that education can only work to a point, without a small commitment to live green, there will be no lasting life experience.

Check out living green on the net and in the community.

Begin to believe in green, green!