Green, Green

Earth is a wonder.

The astronomical fact is clear.

From space this planet is bright with light that reflects naturally from the sun.

Of course, we see the colors white and blue:  lots of cloud and water.

The land is brown and green.

At night there is dark blue and black.  Many bright lights shine from cities around the world.  Sometimes, there are flashes from lightening storms.

The dominate color of the Aurora Borealis is green, because it represents atomic oxygen or the atmospheric gas.

Green represents oxygen gas when the atomic particles are charged in the atmosphere.

And it represents the plant life on this beautiful planet.

All this science proves the truth about our pretty home.

And yet, the color in this picture is changing from an abundance of green to more and more brown.  We are loosing the life here on earth.

Will we need to move to survive?

Can we live in a greener way?

Do we want the planet to live?

Questions abound about the experience of living a greener way on earth.

Is it the right decision to live a greener life?

Most of us try to keep on ‘striving and thriving’ in many ways.

Celebrating poetry, astronomy and earth day represents truth and beauty today.

Being responsible at work and play makes a greener planet.

Going green makes sense to me.

I believe in practicing what I preach, because it is the best way to live.

In this spirit, it seems that education can only work to a point, without a small commitment to live green, there will be no lasting life experience.

Check out living green on the net and in the community.

Begin to believe in green, green!

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