Healthspan Vs. Diseasespan

The second half of your life depends upon you.

Are you willing to look for some good habits while you are healthy to enhance your healthspan in the second half of your life?

So, can you reverse the problem?

Much of our age depends upon our cellular health.

One key to a better healthspan is to make good choices and decisions in regard to living a good life.

Throughout our bodies we find many different kinds of cells that renew.

When many cells get old, diseasespan increases.

One thing that caused old cells are worn out telomeres.

Some of this can be reversed by doing a variety of things with your lifestyle.

These things everyone knows about but not everyone will do them: meditate, exercise, eat fresh whole foods, trusting and helping others (cooperate and collaborate), keep kids safe and healthy, keeping your own telomeres stable will pass them on to the next gen and make your healthspan better.

Stay tuned to many other ways to have a healthy lifespan.

One Piece to the puzzle

Growing Old With Gradification

Everything you need to know about telomeres

The bottom line is stay active and exercise whenever you can do it.

There are basic factors that have been studied to reverse aging, but all the methods require you to stop doing the bad habit that accelerates the aging process or wears out your very finite telomeres.

The fringe benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are well known..

It is good to know the good life can help reverse our mistakes in youth.