A World Citizen Confronting Nuclear War

Prevention of nuclear war is a benefit to the planet, the people and all the infrastructure in place in our individual countries around the world.

The role of education is provocative and may be difficult to provide to every human being.  But it is imperative, if nuclear war is to be taken away as a viable option.

Harvard Education Publishing Group has an interesting article available, the citation reads:  Eric Markusen and John Harris (1984) The Role Of Education in Preventing Nuclear War.  Harvard Educational Review:  September 1984, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp. 282-304.

The AMA also has a good article called Preventing Nuclear War:  A Professional Responsibility for Physicians…many near misses that have occurred during the nuclear weapons era.  The Role of the…

And lastly, Amazon has a nice cache of books (over 8000) on the subject.

What about a course on an Open University website?

Would anyone offer a weekend course at a community college?

I recommend keeping a journal to make daily entries on the topic and doing as much reading and writing on the topic as is reasonable, given the severe nature of the topic.


Do We Need To Visualize Nuclear War?

There are many countries preparing nuclear weapons for war.

There are many experts studying the situation.

A nuclear war is possible.

Why do I study it?

I believe it is necessary to try to understand and take my responsibility for this possibility.

I have watched a few documentaries, read a few books, talked about it with friends and relatives.

I try to stay current on the topic.

I don’t try to panic or scare people about this spooky subject.

Much of the defense and military reasons seem available for discussion but I do very little to convince people of the need to chit chat about this topic

However there is an interesting video that the curious may want to view.

My sincere desire is for peace and to practice nonviolent ways to continue learning about current affairs to do with nuclear war.