Sinus Infection | Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | ACAAI Public Website

A sinus infection is often mistaken for bad cold, but it’s a major health problem different from a cold. Learn about about the difference here.
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On the other hand, listening to the awareness of any sense organ, is a good idea.

Outside of health concerns and other dangers, it is a remarkable way to experience the everyday things.

My favourite smells: herb and spice, everything is nice.

The smell of weather, right down to changes at sunset and sunrise.

Everything is augmented by smell.

Gut Bacteria

Optimize Gut Health with a Plant-Based Diet
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We misuse antibiotics at our own risk.

Like processed food, the body reacts to misuse in its complex system.

We need to spend more effort inspecting mistakes taken in this generation to prevent harm happening to the next.

Responsible medicine is a guiding light in our western culture.

Please support the effort.

Fake News Is Here To Stay

The Trickster

The main object of studying myth or conspiracy is to understand or to answer the statement ‘I do not understand ‘.

There is a new category called fake news or ‘deep fake’.

To engage the culture online, one needs to expect a certain about of scamming and charlottes.

It seems like this is ripe area to be studied by psychologists or sociology.

Writers and other online professionals are struggling to work out a growing sophistication with the art form.

Is this a way to hack the psyche or to rudely upset everyone or both.

The perpetrators use high end equipment to dupe us all.

See recent story on deep fake Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg


Put your relationship first,

Do it in the name of love,


Opposing points of view are usually the starting point of the conversation.

Argument can come next,

Built up frustration, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and more pain and suffering,

Attitude is compromise, so is prevention,

You will never be in complete agreement with anyone or anything,

Is it worth the struggle?

Certainly, if the person is important to you, you will agree to the compromise.

But to let the pain occur or reoccurring pain, is probably not necessary and is certainly not warranted by many.

Learn to be aware who you are and who is important in your life and do as much work necessary to work out conflict and learn to compromise.

I’ve never accomplished anything worthwhile without a little (or a lot) bit of compromise.

DR Congo: Response to Ebola epidemic facing funding challenges

Kinshasa, DR Congo (PANA)   –   The response to the Ebola epidemic in North Kivu and Ituri provinces in northeastern DR Congo continues to be hampered by lack of adequate funding and limited human resources, th
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Awareness is key, please support the effort.


Deceptively simple and a pejorative device,

UV, radiation, beyond “beyond violet”,

The cancer society’s sunburn and mother nature’s cure,

This energy source is 150 million kilometres away from earth,

The star around which the earth orbits,

The light and warmth received from the earth’s sun.

A day or a year,

Bake or bask,

The centre of the solar system.

She is a ball of fire in the sky that gives…?