Legumes: Good or Bad?

This is a detailed article about legumes and their health effects. Legumes are high in protein and fiber, but also contain anti-nutrients.
— Read on www.healthline.com/nutrition/legumes-good-or-bad

Some people may not know how to properly prepare or understand the detail for certain problems that may arise when mistakes occur.

Here is an interesting and informative article.

Education is key.

Expose Yourself to Morning Sunlight for Better Sleep

Chances are the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning isn’t to get direct sun exposure. Learn why you should.
— Read on www.verywellhealth.com/morning-sunlight-exposure-3973908

I need sunshine every morning, direct for 30-45 minutes, no sunglasses, within the first available sunrise…

Starry, Starry Night

Vincent made the proper image from a vision deep inside a consciousness we all use in different ways.

His has inspired other artists to express in kind…

People listen to his song the way we thirst for more.

And we all express the same language called human being.

To sense the stars at night is like an ancient thing like a “Stone Hedge”.

We talk back with other images.

Perhaps, ‘a laughing Christ’, a cultural expression like ‘do no harm’.

To capture infinity is a great achievement, but a human one.

The Challenge

Break it down, build it up, again and again…

The first 20 years are easy, do it again and again.

Doing it smart and hard, again and again.

The next twenty go even faster.

60 is coming up, good luck.

Age or time passing is a measurement that is more like a state of mind.

Sometimes that state of mind is good, bad and ugly.

Letting go of that state of mind when it gets ugly can be a real bummer.

A bad state of mind will pass, just like the rest.

And a good one is the best… just like the rest.

Inside The Mind Of A Seven Year Old Gerbil Owner

When I got my tonsils out, I blacked out in the hospital, but I got jello and ice cream.

My ear ache was really soar, but my mom brought in a warm hot water bottle and a nice towel to heat my ear and help me sleep.

I liked the bike my dad bought me for my birthday.

My dad and I like to go fishing.

My mom likes to watch me eat my lunch.

But I miss my gerbil.



‘Living the good life’ is understood by science, religion and philosophy, perhaps psychology.

People like Pope John Paul the 2nd, or older people like Cicero and Epictetus, William James are all people who knew the ideas necessary to live well.

It is not just survival…

So, how do you live?

Learn to do as little harm as you can, with this in mind and practice, a civil, hopeful, kind, compassionate life…

And the details require a long term commitment to human being and therefore, your own life.

Join the living…

Mindful spending: How this author saves a LOT of her money and how you can too | CBC Life

“If I was to re-brand the shopping ban, I would call it the browsing ban.”
— Read on www.cbc.ca/life/work-money/mindful-spending-how-this-author-saves-a-lot-of-her-money-and-how-you-can-too-1.4643673

A year Of Less by Cait Flanders is all about “money changing hands.”

To become aware here, now!

Create a practice,

Be kind to yourself

Be compassionate,

Check your bank account,

Pay your bills,

Journal down any meditation visions about money.

Set aside 30 minutes first thing each morning and just meditate.

Focus on your breath.

Awareness is key!

Mind map of money mindfulness

Why Are Canadians Failing?

We need one another.

We regulate to make it safe.

And we are building on what is working for this country.

Yet, some would let the country fail.


Post Valentines Day’s Blues

“I am a chocolate frog.”

“You are a commercial abomination, exploitative in nature (business entity, reeling in glee after days or weeks of pirating the human soul!).”

” Think of yourself with curiosity and humour, compassionate care, the same care you would offer anyone in need of comfort.”

“Bah humbug!”

“Eat me, you fool!”


“Eat me.”

“Arrhha, arrhha…hmm, very good, thank you.”

Chaos and Civil Disobedience

Victoria and BC is seeing protesters block and hold up the public and workers in a civil way.

The Hubbub is about a lack of agreement.

First time things seem to be directly working through the problem.

Time will tell.