Psychological Benifit

It would seem the driver of this vehicle has fallen to sleep.

Is it healthy to have two psychotic breaks a day and call your doctor in the morning?

From a mental perspective, a healthy mind may benefit a healthy body, to some degree.

Can it be overstated that the mind body connection is real?

  1. If there is any doubt, please become aware of the benefits from a good education and experience of your very own psychological health or mental health.
  2. Awareness
  3. Good habits
  4. Healthy and supportive relationships
  5. Work, shelter and all that hierarchy of needs stuff

Magnesium Benefits, Dosage, Best Food Sources, Side Effects – Dr. Axe

A magnesium deficiency is a common nutrient deficiency. Find out about magnesium benefits, recommended dosages, best supplements and food sources.
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Always good to keep a good diet to receive the proper nutrients in the body.

Awareness is key.

Please read the above article to become informed about this important nutrient.

The Good Life

A teacher and student may master knowledge, but life is a different matter.

Some teachers learn to be good under extreme circumstances and pass on excellent habits to their students.

Living The Good Life

I reflect upon good and bad and properly use these impressions,

Command my will,

Some say, I have consciousness.

Understand and know, I am conscious.

Shame not consciousness or do it harm,

Here is my strength: I can get what I want and avoid what I don’t want, use the proper impulse, a careful purpose, use a studied assent.

This is my job: to practice living ‘the good life’.

To Judge or Not To Judge

The Dalai Lama says, “Love is the absence of judgement.”

The ability to exercise the awareness of how you judge or abstain from loving yourself or others is critical.

We all need to love and love others.

It is essential to doing some good rather than harm in life.

It will give far more than it takes.

Find a little patience, slowdown and tune into your behaviour.

There is a better way to live.

Try it on.

Do No Harm

You can read and put it into practice and journal about it.

You can talk to others about it.

But we really need to learn how to live.

To live is to learn, love, laugh and begin to build a life and a legacy.

With each life built this way, others need not reinvent the way.

But life has up and down and most of us get broken and need time to mend.

It is a challenge to live and do no harm.

We cause much damage to ourselves and others.

When we loose sight of our harm, we do more harm.

It is a big concern for all who strive to live a good life.