The Mandala of Euclidean Dharma

A simple magic circle will show the geometric pattern of Dharma life.

Practice this calming meditation to yield to chaos.

Change and passion bring balance while loving wisdom and inner peace feel like drinking a glass of cool clear refreshing water.

Use the courage you have to face the inevitable fear of death.

Talk your story for anyone that listens.

Listen or write it all down.

It feels so good, proper, impressionistic to hear.

A song comes out of these words.

What made you so hot under your collar?

What made you yield and cool down?

It feels good to be out loud.

Fall Back Buddy Boy

That’s right, Daylight Savings Time is come Saturday night at bedtime, or in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday November 5,2023.

Who cares, if you want just the regular dull stuff you can read the Global News stuff below.

But I like to ask the obvious question, what is in it for me and the family?

I think a little stress may be the better way to approach it. Or ignore it if you have health issues.

At any rate, the time change is coming up fast.

Woke verses Science

Excluding people through language is like eliminating science by preventing arguments in scientific communities.

Who is being exiled and what is being eliminated from being properly researched by scientists?

Is science going to be the casualty?

How soon will people become the casualties?

It is already too late for science and for some people too.

Look at the vid bellow to hear about what is happening to society.

You may be unable to properly understand.

Or you may need more vids like the one below

Tip of the Iceberg


I understand it may just be the most popular name of the 21st century!

Who cares? I do, in fact I am celebrating this fact.

The family story on my mom and dad’s argument is that my dad wanted to name me after his uncle Rudy. But mom had a better idea and she won through pure persistence, and she feared I might be made fun of with Rudolph or Rudy.

I just had to ask myself, how would I like to celebrate this fact.

I am celebrating by writing this blog and passing it forward.

Shouldn’t we all be celebrating our given names?

If you are interested, check out some facts around my name on the link below.

Playing Socrates With AI

In todays discourse, a man or human being will attempt difficult questions that promise different answers for all to ponder.

Think It Through!

To Love For The Sake Of Love

There are no meaning or patterns to life, except the ones we use or pluck each day.

Don’t be quick to squash passion when fruit of a symbol rich with personal experience for growth or understanding others first.

Capture the rapture of joy with a stick.

Apply thy wish and live so thick.

Brandish a ‘Red Cross’ that helps our mothers.

Make good news of others,

Be like a brother,