One More Day….

Hang on, you have something that reaches in or reaches out.

Be here right now, you have oppertunity that comes through awareness.

Get to know yourself, you have something to be and see, and read.

Wait and see, be patient for another moment.

If you look at me, and see a tree,

If you hang around and make a sound,

If you feel part of the forest, this very moment,

If you struggle and listen and learn,

Sure, you may fail,

Sure, you can’t get it right everytime.

But, you are strong or stronger,

When you try, and earn your place,

If willpower can make you whole,

If answers can lead you home,

If people can treat you well,

If being strong is all it takes,

The world is a very special place.

You and I are here for one.

Inside or outside, the journey has just begun.

Reach for yourself and others…

9 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Kefir

Whether you love kefir or plan to try it for the first time, you may wonder about its safety and potential side effects. This article shares everything you need to know about including kefir in your diet.
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See if Kefir is right for you.

Click on the link above to become aware of the potential benefits for you.

Diversity is king….

Want A Start Up For Creating Eh Canadian Electric Car Company?

All the parts are made and plans are drawn, you may want to go to the debut to announce your intentions….

Yes, it looks like Canada is going electric.

Awareness is key.

Please read the story

Do No Harm

Remedy the state of mind: sleep, walk, work, rest, relax, recover, repair, repeat… Fast, feast, play, exercise, read, write, research, recite, sing, say, sooth, sip and be ready to do it each day.

Preaching-non-violence is perhaps a rendition on civil disobedience, this is a practical way to stand up for peace in all my affairs.

Become clear in a state of mind, thinking well of myself and others.

Practice this way of being each day by doing my best and doing no harm.

Back Up Against The Wall

“It’s too late for that….” Or so said the alien from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

We are a self-distructive species.

We will fail over and over and over.

But at some point we will have our back up against the proverbial wall.

At this point we will be at one second to midnight according to the Doomsday Clock.

It is like begging Armagedon to come get us.

We are selfish, but so much more.

If it’s true and a virus made us into the humans we are today, then we are like the virus which will take the life of this precious perfect planet.

What can we do about it?

Perhaps, it is too late to even contemplate: evolve.

Perhaps, we are a failed species that is about to self-destruct.

Or, we will learn and earn our freedom.

Please, work, learn, and earn our freedom!

Nature Is Blind

Nature is long: infinite.

To identify nature, break it into parts: neutrons, electrons, protons and smaller parts that end up as pieces of light or energy.

These parts of nature don’t give much away to the user or the observer unless you are in alignment with nature.

If one observes matter that is alive or dead there may be bigger parts than what light and energy are made of but it does’t help one learn how to use nature.

Our own nature is not blind,

We can all learn more about ourselves and be closer to nature at the same time.

To condense nature, is to make energy and light so dense that when it expands it tends to blow up.

To put consciousness into the universe, it has to exist in everything that is alive.

Where else can consciousness live than in the creatures we call alive.

Consciousness is the alive part of nature or the discrete part of intelligent life in the universe.

Together the composite has infinite intelligence which is unrecognizable to any individual and the parts of consciousness is unrecognizable in matter that is not itself alive.

In this sense, nature is blind to itself and unrecognizable to us.

We will learn about nature as each of us spends the time and effort to learn about our own nature.

The Progenator’s Movement

As a individual, I am a movement of one.

This truth may sound self-evident.

But a progenetor does not write it down.

He lives it. They live it. She lives it, We live it.

Is there a foundation to be a world citizen.

There is a world. I am a citizen.

How can I say anything about the start of belief to end bad habits and start good habits.

This is foundational and people are doing it.

We are doing it.

Can you reduce suffering and feel the progress for yourself?

Do you spend the resources to feel your pain and suffering or do you medicate yourself to avoid your pain and suffering?

If you do, are your learning to change your ways?

When you come out of poverty, come out of your fear, feel your feeling, critically think and think outside the box, and find a way that works for you?

Is it cruel the way we treat other life forms and why?

Is it helpful to solve the cruel way we treat ourselves ?

For example, am I being moral when I treat myself cruelly?

Please watch the vid below.

A question of ethics…

Books To Discuss Over The Phone

AnthonyBourdain and Laurie WooleverWorld Travel:An Irriverent Guide

I don’t like the stuff about this man’s death.

But I am sure he will be missed.

I borrowed his last book from the library.

And I believe the writer, Laurie Woolever, did a wonderful job.

I have talked to my sister (a fan) about the book and listen to her experience with the show.

I plan to buy her and me the book to have future discussion about it.

Anyway, I do like it and recommend getting it from your local library.

Is Alcohol A Problem?

Getting drunk is a problem for some.

For most it is a lack of something to help keep a balanced lifestyle.

Why drink? Is it becoming a bad habit?

Do you make mistakes with alcohol?

Can you distinguish what works and what does not work with your day to day alcohol consumption?

Booze is fun when you are able to afford it and use it responsibly, but too much fun=too much alcohol.

A good thing to do is challenge your self to live with alcohol for 30 days and with out it for 30 days and then decide what works for you.

Trust enough people to tell you the truth about your use of this drug.

Perhaps, you are willing to watch a vid about it?

Awareness is key, please watch the vid below.