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“Children always look to their parents. Parents should be more calm. You can teach children that you face a lot of problems but must react to those problems with a calm mind and reason.”

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel strongly about my own life. Sometimes, I think people are out to lunch. Perhaps, they are. I feel angry and compassionate, tired and depressed, and happy at the same time. I am living in the digital age, where everyone appears selfish and I am at times. But through meditation on forgiveness, loving kindness and awareness, I can cope with day to day living and remain calm and solve real problems with mind and reason.

The Big Three Email Nuisances: Spam, Phishing and Spoofing | Adaware

We have to admit that cyber criminals and scammers are very artistic and inventive individuals. They seem to always find a way or two in trying to trick computer users into falling to their traps.
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They got me again.

The Digital Life

Can you get an algorithm to do that?

I want to spend ten minutes in the washroom, five at meals and one hour at work.

Why do I have to sleep?

Speed dating, why not speed friends and family, speed relationships.

Okay, maybe I am missing the point: digital things are okay, but it is up to me to control myself when I choose to use them.

National school food program needed | The Star

Canadian children return to school with insufficient access to healthy food
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The new Canadian food guide can not say it has a national food program for children.

People can’t afford to follow this expensive guide.

Many don’t have the time to prepare the meals.

These reasons among many others are compelling reasons and beg the above program to be a priority for Canadian children.

Canada sending emergency management expert to help fight Ebola in West Africa | Ottawa Citizen

The outbreak is now the second largest in history.
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Please, support the effort.