Black Friday, November 25,2022

It is in Canada on the above day.

And Cyber Monday is Monday, November 28,2022.

If you want to wait to save up for the event or shop before the event, you may be too late this year.

Just consider what is best for you.

Money, money money, lots of money….

The Problem with Money | Psychology Today

The problem with a society that puts a premium on money is that, whether it means to or not, it diminishes our desire to participate in those very relationships to sustain us.
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Money can become an imposter that tricks people into believing it is a reward for hard work, isolation, acting in other unhealthy ways.

Some call a lack of money poverty and an abundance capitalism.

Most see that money is important but cannot agree on the term.

At best it acts as a currency and at worst it is a mistake.

All most anyone may find it more helpful to control oneself than to try to over work to earn more money.

A complex problem that may benefit from more inquiries and study.

Money, money, money…

It’s just money changing hands…

My good friend use to say this, he sincerely believed in giving like money does not exist.

He would give time, people, places and things.

It was more like sharing, ” Here, have some of this.” And he would pass over half of whatever money he had in his hands.

We can behave better, and this was his expression of being better with his cash.

I think this is a very old idea.

Imagine making this a tradition in your life.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
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I owe money on my line of credit.

Everything is good outside my debt.

But there is a better way to live.

Check it out, I am.

An Awkward Question

Life lessons don’t happen in ugly ways all the time.

Big money buys small money in polite ways.

Mutual interest has a big say in it.

Do you track your own finances for today or like big money?

It is not polite to ask, but I need to express the way big money spends smart money.

And as long as we don’t harm too many against their will, it is a moot question.

We are ‘us and them’.

But not everyone plays by the rules…

Would You Donate?

Money is needed to keep any endeavour afloat.

Would you send a check to my address?

Would you text me your e-mail?

I guess PayPal is the best compromise?

Still working on my blog or product.

This is a work in progress!

Do you see the product?

The use of the content?

Its worth to people?

A conventional approach is to set up a PayPal and ask for donations.

It is much more entertaining and original to think outside conventions.

Standing Against The Tide

Caring about the environment is like being on the fence in today’s media swollen society. With countless collectives, left leanings, and political correct academics, is there a voice for the student naturalist?

Be a student ecologist.

Be a student of science.

Be a student of psychology.

Be a student of philosophy.

Be a student of common sense.

Be an innovative, business oriented worker.

Don’t be afraid of all the stuff that alarmists try to convey.

Be a healthy skeptic but be yourself.

Try to put your money and behaviours where your mouth says you are bound to enjoy.

Try to implement some of the good ideas into your lifestyle.

The Currency Of Love

Her coin is not gold, but energy is flowing from me to you.

What will you do in return?

My friend use to say, “It is only money changing hands”.

Yet, it looks like metal is being transmuted into gold.

I am energized by what I do.

Will you honor me by doing it too.

There is no price to pay, but perhaps we speak of gratuity.

Do we imagine a price that reflects what we do?

I believe I have found one way.

Can you?

Too Much Technology

When the middle class is shrinking, is there enough room for all these devices?

The little black box use to be a thing of the future, now it is hear.

Is digital real enough to make it work?

Predictions vary from doom and gloom to first generation success.


Balance is an issue to most honest folk.

Money is another problem.

Materialism can create havoc with consumerism.

And more is the new less for tech stuff.


Now that multimedia is free for everybody, is there enough time and resources to keep the internet economy alive and well?

Education is big online.

Shopping is big online.

Information is big online.


I believe in more research and development for online business.

I believe a conservative standard for business online.



In a way, debit cards can buy anything.

But watch out using credit cards.

You may risk it all to loose every penny.

You can build back up to pay your daily expenses before you have another chance to improve your lifestyle.

You may be in debt for years and making the usual mistakes-making unnecessary purchases or spending on credit.

It is a shame to run riot of the law or be owing to another human being but we all do it.

I can borrow 20 and pay back 25 the next week.

A thousand is more tricky to borrow and pay back.

In over your head, join the club, kicked out of your living courters, racing to pay bills and stay on top of the pile of debt?

Many of us live off and on credit.  The subconscious mind may not know the difference.

But worry and hurry about money is almost a universal indicator of debt.

Who doesn’t experience money problems in and throughout life.

To pay your own way is like earning a kind of freedom.

To live without going overboard is a genuine achievement.