Agents Of Visualization

She is a vision.

He is a secret agent.

Love is beyond the universe.

And we are all one.

Cosmology of the heart is the spirit of togetherness.

Be it a friendship or a relationship, couples are like the angels in heaven for consenting adults.

Place love on the back burner for the moment, people care about each other.

We become friends for this reason.

It is a lot more than that, it goes beyond time and space.

Perhaps, these beings are really the angels that make the universe go round.

At least, let’s us all enjoy friendship more this time of year.

Hell, let’s enjoy friendship all year long…

Why Do I Want To Work Here?

I learned a lot about myself with the support of others.

I may not be the captain of the volleyball team or play any team sports anymore but my favorite activity is to go for a walk with friends and relatives.

Sometimes it is great to have a good talk about stuff.

I like to do what works.

I basically behave the same way in all parts of my life.

I work with people: cooperate and collaborate.

I like to give and receive help and support: serve others.

I use to play sports to have a set of rules to create a safe place to learn skills and other lessons.

That’s why I like to work here.

After all these years I still play the same way.

I like the rules and I like to work with people.