The Biggest Generative Technology Is AI

Check out the wiki link below

Check out An expert on Generating technology in AI

Generative Technology In AI

The new tools will help create a brand new world!

Be respectful and responsible along the way….

Hype In “AI”

There is no definition for ‘Consciousness ‘.

Therefore, it is not possible for AI to become conscious.

It is difficult to chat about either term without some hype.

Be respectful, do your responsible work before publishing fear, loathing , extremes, etc.

Is there too much AI Consciousness Hype?

Do I need To Learn how To Code?

Andrew Ng (AI Fund), says to be responsible with AI.

Many leaders want responsible AI, but out of fear.

Andrew Ng thinks people need to learn how to code.

Learn how to code

I don’t believe in AI Extinction!

Are You Afraid Of Math

Do you know what Homotopy is ?

If you answered yes, you may be overconfident about your abilities.

Here is a new book on this topic.

If your brain hurts or you feel too tired to read the book above, you are normal and have little or no interest in the new and evolving mathematics.

I like to be aware of new areas emerging in science.

New Math

A Trip Or Vacation Back Home

Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased (not your home or car).

I am visiting Victoria in the late nineties. It is the first really good visit in ten years. I spent 2000.00 dollars on a car rental, hotel and other odds and sods. I stayed at the James Bay Inn for a couple of days and I flew back to Edmonton on Air Canada.

But I visited mom and dad. I saw Maureen and her 2 kids. I bought them all a nice present: rings and an Alanon book. I think I saw Deb. I didn’t see her kids. My sister Sue was over in Vancouver. It is an whirlwind trip.

Here I am at home in two weeks from the time I left. It is the best way to visit friends and relatives.

It is worth every penny.

The Mandala of Euclidean Dharma

A simple magic circle will show the geometric pattern of Dharma life.

Practice this calming meditation to yield to chaos.

Change and passion bring balance while loving wisdom and inner peace feel like drinking a glass of cool clear refreshing water.

Use the courage you have to face the inevitable fear of death.

Talk your story for anyone that listens.

Listen or write it all down.

It feels so good, proper, impressionistic to hear.

A song comes out of these words.

What made you so hot under your collar?

What made you yield and cool down?

It feels good to be out loud.

A Dream Or Story

The art of living is a very nice philosophy.

Be free, be play, be today.

People are hungry for spirituality.

We are looking for answers and questions.

Look for the best way to be!

Do no harm to yourself or others.

Depend on the best experience, seize the day, celebrate being conscious-use impression in the proper way!

Non-violence Halloween 2023

The Zombie Walk is a staple each year for me.

As is blogging, photography and philosophy.

I dressed as a skeleton this year, but I declined candy and tricks.

I did accept a lot of candy trying to help a diabetic.

I blogged about my non-violence practice.

Watched a Halloween movie and talked a lot to people.

All in all, a pleasant celebration for me, friends and family.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Fall Back Buddy Boy

That’s right, Daylight Savings Time is come Saturday night at bedtime, or in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday November 5,2023.

Who cares, if you want just the regular dull stuff you can read the Global News stuff below.

But I like to ask the obvious question, what is in it for me and the family?

I think a little stress may be the better way to approach it. Or ignore it if you have health issues.

At any rate, the time change is coming up fast.