Red Dress Day

In particular, here in Victoria, the local university has a great deal of information available on their site.

Here in town, people will walk to support.


She is all boiled down to a box of ashes.

How her ‘who,what and when, where and how’ is is still all encapsulated by our memories.

The old gal lived a long and good,bad, and ugly way like the rest of us.

Unique, not so much, we take our senses for granted, so why not who we are, get it.

All her life, was worth every second.

Don’t you think?

No, I don’t have a quote….

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I do my best each day. I do no harm and practice the proper use of impressions.

I live the above way.

I think, feel, act, and believe this way.

If I can, I will rewrite who and what I am to be more like this way.

This is the best way to be for me.

Critical Health Care Thinking

What is happening to healthcare?

Has society become sicker?

Are first world countries sicker?

What is wrong?

Consider watching the vid below to challenge your own belief system.

Consider learning a better way to live and spend your life.

This may be a good place to start or at least consider.

Why are we trying to confuse people trying to search for better ways to live their lives?

Manage Yourself

Education is key.

Even the optimistic people believe education is lacking for most people.

Bill Gates did an old Ted Talk that makes the point for Malaria, Mosquitoes and education.

I believe we need to go deeper.

How do you do it?

It helps to become aware of your responsibility to manage yourself.

Meditate on the above and start applying new way to improve your education and self management methods.

Who cares?

How important is self management in your life?

Curiously, try it out for a week and see if you make progress .

Make it a habit for lifelong learning?

What is the problems associated with Naturopathy?

The improper use of anything can cause needless harm.

There is more critical examination to explore specific aspects of the concerns for the use of Naturopathy.

Consider looking at the article below.

Education is key.


How safe are we being with our stuff?

Pollution, damage and the improper disposal of goods or damage goods are part of our issues with proper use of goods.

It is easier to buy something than to use it properly when we stop using it or while we use things.

The fashion industry has been criticized for its use of resources and improper disposal of used or spent items.

Education is key.

Become aware.

Please support the effort and read the link below

AI Is Important

There is one thing for certain, AI is not going away.

It is a big part of everything.

We need it for society’s problems and solutions.

But we need to become educated on this topic.

We may need to get in the game.

Check out getting excellent sources for your business.

Learn as much as you can to become secure in this use of AI in all your affairs.

This is a warning or wake up call.


Mental stress seems like the element of stress we have the most repercussion from due to mistakes and other forms of mismanagement.

Learning to manage stress can be as simple as taking a break or as complicated as having a stress management program.

This month is about stress awareness and how to become more aware of your own stress.

I like dealing with whatever stress I am aware of or attempt to break the stress into manageable pieces.

I am getting to know myself from this exercise.

Best regards,

What’s Important In Life?

Do your best and do no harm.

Be kind, be careful or safe, be compassionate.

Be a good brother, son, friend or neighbour or citizen.

Be grateful and willing and able.

Look after yourself.

What do you think?

Practice doing better each day.

Adapt, respond,rest, relax, exercise in as many ways as you can.

Why? Why not….