Journal Entry

Monday, June 10,2019. 10=J=Juliet

Living the Good Life.

To keep doing all the good habits,

Some belief systems will break up the whole into steps and

habits that regulate the body, mind, heart and soul. This is a purpose and brings meaning into my life right this second till the day I die.

To learn from all the mistakes, challenges, changes and up and downs are a tall order.

And to accept it all and move on is easier said than doing it.

But it is quite a thrill ride!

New York Jazz

With the TD Jazz Fest starting this month in Victoria, B.C, Canada,

I thought it appropriate to play some city jazz,

And my personal best city is NYC.

Good music for good cities everywhere!

Why decaf coffee is just as healthy | Psychology Today Canada

Why decaf coffee is just as healthy | Psychology Today Canada
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Hey, try a decaf coffee and gain some of the benefits without the caffeine.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
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I owe money on my line of credit.

Everything is good outside my debt.

But there is a better way to live.

Check it out, I am.

Komodo Decaf

A nice cup of joe,

Grind up fresh bean

Boil water

Add 2 rounded table spoons to reusable filter,

Pour hot water through filter and ground water,

Add a dash of salt (removes bitterness)

Add cream etc,

If too strong, add hot water,


How To Make Your Mitochondria Stronger – Ample Foods

Your mitochondria power everything you do – they quite literally produce the energy your body uses to walk, talk, run, think, read these words, and so on. Feeling short on energy? You can build stronger mitochondria with a few simple habits.
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Food For Thought

What your food and mitochondria does matters

Check out the above article as way of an introduction.