The Deep Fear That Makes Us Turn to Mister Rogers

Why do we keep summoning Mister Rogers? And why is now the time for a feature film about his influence?
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To be kind

To be gentle

To be good

Faithful,self controlled, patient,

In a word, ‘virtuous’

Deeply, lovingly…

Deep Love Of Wisdom

Everybody loves to know, understand and be understood or be understanding.

The problem is one of balance and use.

Philosophy speaks to this field of interest like it speaks to everything.

To think is like an argument and it helps to be very specific.

But it helps to be creative in what we say and do.

All of this can be applied to everyday living or anything.

Obviously the more one practices these arts, the better the outcomes.

Think like an experiment in well being.

Set your terms of reference and balance this with your other faculty of being creative.

Apply this to your life as a means to some kind of end or outcome.

Be philosophical about your life.

Ebola Outbreak DRC

The civil war in Congo is part of the complexity, ongoing violence makes any response difficult.

Amid the violence, UN peacekeepers and Congolese military attempt to secure the city and region.

This Ebola outbreak started in August 2018, but full recovery is being hindered by this regions war.

Awareness is key, please support the effort.

It Is What It Is – The New York Times

”’We went through it thoroughly yesterday,” said Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, somewhat testily after being badgered recently about the Cheney hunting accident. ”It is what it is, and I think it’s time to move on.”
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An absolute, explicative, all or nothing statement like f*** it!

Our society does not know what this simple phrase expresses or does to those who embrace it.

It is more than just a phrase, it is a sad attitude to have about life.

We all resort to simple solutions to avoid facing our limitations…

Like a cry for help or throwing up the hands, more use of the phrase needs more acceptance, more patience, more learning, laughing and living…

Less giving up or quitting on ourselves and others…

Become an optimist,

National Geographic’s list of best trips to take in 2020

Where to go, what to know, and how to see the world right now.
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Wunderlust is to be a little mad or obsessed about travel.

There is so many beautiful places to be.

Grab your chair and spend a few minutes to read and see 20 distinctions from around the world.

Trans Vs Human: Car Sign

In this dialogue, two people discuss what it means to be human.

Human: Hey man, I really like the sign in your back window.

Trans: Thanks man, do you fight for human rights?

H: Ya, I mean, a little all the time. Especially when someone is acting like a fool, goof, or a real pain.

T: Well, if you are keen, you better call me by my first name, Taylor.

H: Cool, you can call me Michael.

T: I like the way you say that. So, when I fight for human rights, I call them ‘Trans’ because some people think I’m less than human, hence the sign on the back window of my car.

H: The sign says that Trans are human rights. Maybe, it should read People need Trans rights.