I’m An Astronaut On Spaceship Earth


Humanity is the ultimate team that strives to help run spaceship earth.

We collaborate and cooperate to preserve this planet which is the biggest organic ship we have to take us through the universe.

We are all well aware of our duties and responsibilities to work towards using and maintaining this living breathing awe inspiring place we all call home.

There is so much privilege involved with or mission to ‘do no harm’ to ourselves and others.

As we learn from our mistakes we become conscious of the damage our unthoughtful action can produce on such an organic whole.

My picture is getting bigger and better, I hope that yours is too!



Do we really need to affirm the male and female gender?

Gender is not the problem, but it is part of the conversation.

We are all learning and experiencing and awakening to who we are, what we do, we constantly make decisions for what works for us.

My motto is ‘do no harm’.

Congrats On 1000 Posts For WordPress

They say numbers don’t count, but the image is what reflects the meaning and purpose.

The fact that fans have tolerated many posts on my blog gives me support when I run out of steam.

We are a team, I try to do my best for WordPress, readers and followers.

All this practice is beginning to pay off: more accolades from WordPress, more commitments from me and followers.

There are more reasons to try and make a living as a writer.

But, doing my blog at WordPress.com, grateful fans and followers, and learning to be a better writer are all high on my list.

Thank you all very much!

U.S. hopes to send more experts to Congo as Ebola outbreak rages – The Washington Post

The CDC hopes to send more experts to Congo in the next few weeks to train personnel in the fight against a raging Ebola outbreak that has already killed nearly 600 people and is far from under control, the CDC director said Thursday.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/health/2019/03/14/us-hopes-send-more-experts-congo-ebola-outbreak-rages/

Support the effort, let’s help end the Ebola Problem.

Earth From Outer Space


Looking at bigger problems than our own has not always been the purview of astronauts.

Most of us have interest in a variety of topics.

A list is helpful, but I hope the new header on my blog will inspire and improve the experience on my blog.


US should take lead in fight against Ebola | News, Sports, Jobs – Tribune Chronicle

We Americans have been very lucky in many ways. One of them involves the truly horrific disease Ebola. Few people in this country have given Ebola much though
— Read on www.tribtoday.com/opinion/editorials/2019/03/us-should-take-lead-in-fight-against-ebola/

We need Americans Leadership to bring more to the table to resolve the crisis in District of Congo, Africa. The other International Concerns also need to bring more to the table. Please support the effort.

Pride Verses Confidence: Masculinity

Being brave, courageous and certain are familiar virtues and ways that are contoured by human sexuality.

There are a gambit of human behaviours elicited by passions and desires that attach to our masculinity and femininity.

It is not a simple task to temper pride when masculine bravado swaggers into the room.

It is complex when feminine ambition sways morals and mixes a lust or passion into a recipe for sexual desires at inappropriate times.

False courage, baseless fears, and other pseudonyms like mixed emotions tend to cloud judgement with more poor behaviour or emotional misunderstandings or mistakes.

Yet, all these experiences add to a reservoir of emotion, mental, behavioural and moral developments called growing pains.

These situation are not only experienced by teens and millennials.

Humanity is not gender or age specific.

We are all swayed by desires like the seven deadly sins, but this stigma or taboo needs dispelling through discussion and debate.

“Much ado about nothing”, forums such as gender or group night out, couple discussions and many other ways to unravel the emotional knots of misunderstandings come to mind.

A human straddling a continuum of Devine to Devilish creates the human messiness that make us all sober up in its profound but stark awakenings.

Good Morning.