Have You Got A Casino Habit?

‘Gambling responsibly; is an oxymoron.

It seems like there is something crack like about gambling at a casino.

Does anyone go just for fun, say ten minutes before a night at the movies?

I may sound angry or like an activist, but I am more concerned about awareness.

It is best to go mainstream to describe the problem at casinos for the world.

Let me walk you through the problem found by people in the USA.

If you are interested in my source of information check out the information below.

 John Rosengren published by The Atlantic.

Let me just say that I base my opinion on information I read. It doesn’t mean that I think they believe in my opinion. And, neither should you.

I am a big believer in awareness.

At the moment, the world has gone through too much trouble.

There has been a couple of pandemics, wars, and gaud knows what else plaguing an already messy business called being a human being.

I see people get caught in a variety of bad habits.

But it surprizes me, I find new ones all the time.

I was just looking up how I feel like going to the casino, when I found the article through a reddit website that mentioned the above article based on my search: “I feel like going to the casino.”

He describes a well educated and upper middle class fellow that falls through the cracks with his gambling problem.

Then he gets into casinos.

It looks like slot machines are highly addictive.

The stats sound outrageous, approximately 1.5 percent of US citizens have a gambling disorder.

I realize I get mood swings, and that it is not strange to admit I have trouble with stress and sleep from time to time.

So, if I was to act on my impulses, “I feel like going to the casino.”

You probably see where I am going with this idea.

Awareness is key.

Think about reading the article above or just google what I did and learn more about this gambling stuff.

Self Correct

I live by principles in all my affairs.

Mine are about doing no harm.

But I recognize when I go off course.

I recognize when I do harm to myself or others because of differing principles, opinions or practices…

So I self corrected today by throwing out some junk food, resetting myself to practice my good habits with food, exercise and sleep routines.

Wishing you all the best with your reset, whatever they may be.

What ‘Walden’ can tell us about social distancing and focusing on life’s essentials

‘Walden,’ published in 1854, is a manual for solitude with a purpose.
— Read on theconversation.com/what-walden-can-tell-us-about-social-distancing-and-focusing-on-lifes-essentials-134524

Fall is coming up and the restrictions may reappear as schools return and the government turns to public safety concerns. Read the above article about concerns and social distancing to help you settle into social changes this fall flu and cold season. It is never too late to revise your plans this year.

The Evolution Of Wisdom

As we have grown in heroism, thinking, compassion and self-awareness…

This evolving nature is not about simple growth of wisdom.

It requires the nurture of a human being with all the surrounding elements: environment, society, resources, and a type of self actualization born through consciousness.

Living like an artist who is motivated by life to live a good life, is like using the self propelled properties found in teaching oneself better ways to live one’s life.

The Unified Field Theory Of Philosophy

The joy of thinking about love is wisdom.

Doing no harm=the proper use of impressions =wisdom

The philosophy of life=Living the good life=good(habit +practice+ritual)=good(routine)

Although math and literature is similar, philosophy is similar to the joy of thinking about all these topics.

Greece Economic Snapshot – OECD

Greece Economic Snapshot – OECD
— Read on www.oecd.org/economy/greece-economic-snapshot/

There is more to Greece than economics.

It is a busy place and a complex history with much more to come.

Go to Greece and see for yourself.

Argentina Inflation and Challenge Economy

An American might not understand the economy on the ground in a country like Argentina.


Argentina is a beautiful place in the world.


But can new leader solve economic reality?


Keep up the good work.


Democratic Rule

Is it real?

Take away the patriotic aspect, the idea, the power and the political part, you have the people.

What are the distinguishing features of the people from these top ten countries?

The peoples lifestyles may have serious limitations based on money, education and health.

Yet, many people live with a kind of collective freedom that fosters a lot of excellent outcomes.

Let’s just examine the infrastructure of these home countries that are from the first world.

A lot of potential reside here, are you one of these lucky fellows?

What will you do?

Why not take a glance at democracy?



Calculating thought is analyzing life but the love of wisdom will prevail.

As a faculty, reason can obviate around objects to determine a function or outcome.

Yet, the conceptual side can imagine outcome and become conscious of ourselves, how we feel, think and believe.

I feel, think, believe (judge), learn, decide, act, correct, practice, habituate.

I live, love, laugh, and rest, relax, sleep, eat, procreate and learn like all the above.

I cooperate and collaborate.

I am self aware.

I love.