Who Do You Want Socrates To Be?

He is learning to be a better person.

I am doing the same by learning from my teacher : Epictetus.

Who is your teacher?

I think Socrates posits the question best through getting to know himself and staying anonymous ( not writing much down and becoming complex through a student called Plato).

I like it that money is available but not to excess.

I like it that education is key to being a better person.

It seems important to do my best and do no harm.

It is tragic that Socrates died to prove a life is worth living.

But if I truly understand, I may yet be free from the clutches of vice and ruin.

I believe in a living life kind of stoicism.

To be rational, find mental and moral health and let go of hate or a lack of compassion for yourself or others.

I guess I believe in quality of life.

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