Connect to the outdoors, nature, the organic side, a balance between technology and human nature.

What is natural or wild about visiting the planet?

Touching the space we were born to live and do our day to day living in as a species on Terra Fermi, the ground in my case.

That’s not to say air and sea are out of the question.

In my case, a park, in winter, the cold is a touch of wild.

Seeing geese and other wild creatures, a homo sapient, out for a brisk jog with his dog. Perhaps not that wild on the surface.

Dig deeper, struggle hard to see when you are gathering food from the ground in the cold hard winter….

Being able to go beyond mere survival is a gift, as is Mother Nature, I don’t want to loose either one….

Mental Health In Canada


There are more people aware of their own mental health, but there is always more to discover.

Sometimes the topic of mental health can be challenging at best and then there are more severe consequences that end harming people.

Today is being used to acknowledge the problem and the solution.

Please support the effort by viewing the ministry message above.


This is about the problem, solution and information.

Consider becoming aware in a healthy way that works for you.

Please check out the information in the link below.


16 Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs (#1 Top Nutrient Sources) – DrHealthBenefits.com

16 health benefits of eating boiled eggs – good as energy sources, for bone and beauty, metabolism, brain, and overall health.
— Read on drhealthbenefits.com/food-bevarages/staple-food/health-benefits-of-eating-boiled-eggs

Because of my own medical problem, having mild anemia, I choose the boiled egg.

The price is right and it is a nutritious food.

If eggs are agreeable to you, you may find the above link informative.

Many Nations Show Extremes Within Its Population

Canada has had a variety of social problems in various parts of population based on every aspect: age, gender, institutions, migration, citizenship, financial status, language, and so much more….

What about ‘white nationalism’?


The majority of people have been suffering stress and behaviors are occurring in the fringes of the population of our country.

The same thing is happening around the world.

There are many opinions on this topic.

To most, racism is just racism, but there are sub categories we need to be familiar with in order to be aware of our social problems.

Education is key.

Be aware of the problem and learn how to best face these problems in our society today.

The Opposite Of Fear Is Knowledge and Understanding….

False Emotion Appearing Real is one way to disarm fear.

Another is by questioning your fear.

Facing your fear is like seeing fear for what it is or understanding what it looks like to you.

Analyzing fear is a way of using your curiosity to learn more about what it is or discovering the knowledge and understanding you need to let go of the fear or feel the fear and do it anyway.

Please read the article below for more insight.

What’s the Opposite of Fear? | Psychology Today

Gordon Lightfoot

Fans continue to pay tribute to this musician.

I like a song he wrote about “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”.

This is the folk element and sound I appreciate.

His discography is extensive.

And his biography is very full.

A celebratory force for Canadian music.

Thanks for all the great music.


Be A Laugh And Laugh A Lot

Getting more animated about my sense of humour is a good start.

Putting a smile on my face and a spring in my step goes a bit further to lighten my mood.

I like to smile and talk and be with good people.

Perhaps, I will say something funny, “Gimme a smile, I’ll give you two.”

Or, at least I am trying to come up with a smile or two…

It never hurts to be myself to get a laugh.

And when people smile and laugh it loosens me up to do the same.

Listen to this guy, I thought he helped me focus on my funny side.