Sleep Better

Would you forget to gas up the car?

Put sugar in the tank?

Drive with a flat tire?

That is why, it is important to do the best thing for your car.

Dumb, I know, but that is why it is important to do the best thing for your body.

To sleep better it is good to research and make a list of things that work for you.

Good food, good exercise, good sleep routine…

Simple is key, work at your own pace to improve these above three habits and within the month, you will sleep better.

And remember to check with your doctor if you can’t improve.

A Good Heart

I don’t know what to think of my heart, but after ten years of living the good life, I am closer to perfecting it.

What is good-truth or knowledge?

Plato would tell you good is more beautiful than either of these.

Perhaps, good is to know justice and beauty.

The form good takes from its highest thought of a just thing or created object is of practical advantageous use.

Absolute good is good none the less. But to have a good appetite is not as good as a good heart and mind. And by this good, all is virtuous.

To understand good is not the same as learning to be good. An intellectual pursuit will only produce an intellectual end.

To define good from everything else, the real good. Will not lead one to being good. For it is through conscious agency that good evolves in humanity.

To make a good world, many good people must make it so.

If happiness is good, surely we must all pursue it. For if there is good, there must be evil or a bad way to live.

Luminosity Workout

Exercise for the mind, does not preclude a healthy body.

And an exercise for the mind may help motivate the exercise for the body and vice versa.

Multiple streams of living or a confluence may build flow or at least some directional living that will attend to good health.

Add good eating habits, drinking habits, sleeping habits, listening and learning habits, laughing habits, and all the inspiration I can stomach….

Super healthy food, I may not like it, but it could help repair some of the damage from over indulgences and that spare tire I am carrying around with me.

Not to mention mindfulness, and stretching the body, going hiking, biking, and walking,

Live damn it, live some more, don’t stop for a minute, a second, a millisecond, a nanosecond.

Okay, now I’m just overdoing it. Breath, sit back, veg out: Journal!