Residue Of Madness

“If you become impatient and loose your temper, then you loose the best part of the human brain, judgement of the situation. Once you are angry, almost mad with anger, then you cannot make correct decisions.”-Insight from the DALAI LAMA, Tuesday February 12,2019. Victoria, B.C., Canada

I am impatient with all the snow (15 to 25 centimetres) from last night.

No sand, no plowing, what is to be done?

I am told ‘not to drive’ today.

So, I wait.

‘Almost mad with anger’. I am not the best judge of the situation.

I need to work. I need the money.

What do I do?

The streets will be plowed and treated with some kind of salt.

I will find work and therefore money.

Patience is a virtue, calmer mind will clear my temporary madness.

My guess, do my best to do my job and meet my obligations today.

This is how I strive to live with the unknown.

Nearly 100 children dead as world’s 2nd-largest Ebola outbreak surpasses 800 cases – ABC News

The second-largest, second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history has claimed the lives of nearly 100 children so far.
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Please keep calm and supportive during this latest news break.

Engineering Madness

Are the seven deadly sins just a bunch of extreme mistakes? 

Could these 7 big mistakes be a bunch of smaller mistakes?

Where is control or self-control lurking during all this mistake making?

The idea that we create our own madness is no more real than the need to shame or blame people for being sick or ill.

Dante and Aristotle were experts on the topic.

Compassion and kindness are necessary when coping with mistakes.  And it is irrespective of the outcome.

In society today some forms of madness lead to crimes against humanity.

The lesser form of these crimes are considered self-harm.

It is necessary to find compromising ways to deal with bad behaviours or crime.

For the most part the ethics are clear:  do no harm.

It is better to condemn a criminal to prison or some form of confinement for their own safety and people in society.

In the future, we will find better ways to treat people and do less harm.

Today it is up to us as individuals to learn to treat ourselves and each other in less harmful ways.

I believe the ‘good life’ is a good choice regardless of the outcome. 

An alternative to sin or mistake.

Understanding Wound Healing and the Itching Dilemma

Learn why wound itching occurs during the healing process, how scratching can be harmful, and what can soothe the irritation.
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Don’t Touch, don’t scratch and don’t pull on the wound. Best to check with your doctor.

Stop Overeating Sugar!

Two things really impress me about eating less sugar.

  • The recommended dose of sugar which is two table spoons a day.  And is best found in unprocessed foods like fruit and veggies.
  • The fact that too much sugar impairs the immune system.  To stay healthy, one needs less inflammation and glucose.  Both happen because of sugar.
  • Please check out this vid for more important information 

Drug-resistant TB a ‘blinking red’ global threat as deadly as Ebola

Global Fund’s target of eradicating AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria has come under deadly threat from a drug-resistant strain of TB
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Please support awareness of new drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis.

Writing Can Be Like Climbing Solo Without A Rope

The exposure is less remote when practicing without a belay. 

The feel of the hand hold may seem like the most important thing at the moment.

As my hand or fingers slip from my hold and I slide off the cliff, my body banging against the rock.

I lunge out and hold on with bloody hands and as the cold numbs my fingers, I fall for the last time.

A failure to produce a final product in writing is not quite as bad as that 16 foot fall backwards into boulders onto the ground.  But it seems like it may be fatal. 

Neither will kill you, but both will cause you a lot of pain.