Achieving authenticity – An Interview with Sand Castle screenwriter, Chris Roessner – GWW

Achieving authenticity – An Interview with Sand Castle screenwriter, Chris Roessner – GWW
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“Beautiful gawd damn day.”

“Surely is, surely is…”

“When the shit hits the fan, and it will, where will you be buddy?”

“On the beach, I like the beach.”

“What about the fight? Aren’t you going to help?”

“Yes, I’ll help bring the wounded to the hospital.”

“Beautiful gawd damn day.”

Pros and Cons of Writers’ Associations: Find Out If Membership Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Considering joining a writers’ association? Learn the benefits every author should know – and the disadvantages. Then discover which group is best for you.
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To know your limitations are helpful when getting involved with any organization.

Do no harm, a great stoic catch phrase to help limit choices and plans before you doing a little checking into your rights and responsibilities for any contract, change or opportunity.

I work hard on my writing and try many ideas and learn many new ways to improve my craft.

Good luck!

Hornets’ Bismack Biyombo asks why Congo’s Ebola crisis ignored

Bismack Biyombo goes home to Congo every offseason. Lately it’s been to help halt the Ebola crisis that’s one of the worst in history.
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To clean up this crisis there must be a will to do it.

Money and time are important factors.

Organization will eventually benefit all people by preventing this problem from escalating into anything more serious.

Please support the effort.

Pandemic bonds: designed to fail in Ebola

The World Bank’s funding scheme for disease outbreaks drained potential resources from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, says Olga Jonas.
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Money is difficult to control in any situation.

Yet, this advice seems worthy criticism.

Awareness is key, please support the effort.

Practice The Good Life When You Really Hate Your Life

Life can be a hang over.

That day may tempt you to make bigger mistakes or have bigger accidents.

The proper use of impressions states that you may not be able to control your circumstances.

Heed this warning to accept new and old limitations or any limitations.

You may feel sick, but go through the motions, you will be surprised what you can accomplish in this state of flow.

And then again, take more breaks and take care of yourself.

No matter how bad you feel or how long it takes to recover yourself, don’t quit yourself.

The good life always starts in adversity and don’t be surprised if you get the odd bad day.

It is possible your good life will bring daily contentment.

In this case, maybe less contentment than normal, a challenge is a positive way to express mistakes.

Don’t be like some and go looking for them, being aware of them may smart quite a bit.

A friend of mine says he just has to keep on the move, otherwise he will seize up.

The good life employs life with lots of baggage and some with very little.

A bad day usually has a rack of luggage.

Gawd what a shitty day!

Bonnie and Clyde

These celebrities want you to notice them.

Can you remember who they are?

Rogue genius, and beauty liberating us from eternal sin, they just wanted what they wanted and to hell with you and me.

A mean time to live, especially if you liked to kill and get your own way.

Some old rangers like Jim, FBI and others want you to know they will get your man and woman.

Bad behaviour is in love with bad behaviour, or each other, they seemed to agree to disagree, even when it came to loosing touch with each other.

“Toothpick there knows it.”  the people say all sorts of things about others who claim to help, even the ones who killed them two antiheroes.

Shooting guns at each other to kill to have their own way!

The killers are tired of killing, that is why Bonnie and Clyde lasted as long as they did.

We learn and we change our ways.

Good night, Bonnie and Clyde.

Open Letter To My Publishing Consultant

Thank you for the authors guide to ‘there and back again’.

I am stumbling on my goal to 200 words a day.

It has been a pleasure to update you as to my progress since my B-day in June.

It has been a kind of celebrating or birthday present to myself to produce my first draft.

Of course, I continue to pursue my goal and have carried on with research, reading and writing to maintain and produce some progress.

My journaling and blogging also reflects, in a transparency, what I am doing.

But it is this small commitment to you that has made all the difference.

I look forward to continuing communication and relationship as I am able to move forward on this literary adventure.

I am beginning to outline my remaining effort towards the last 5 months of this 8 month goal to produce a first draft.

As my effort becomes more successful, I am becoming more confident we will discuss questions soon.

Thanks for helping push me towards loftier goals and publishing commitments.

Your Truly, writetothepoint1960.