What Is the Purpose of Stress? – Pain Doctor

What Is the Purpose of Stress? – Pain Doctor
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An overview of stress is good to read from time to time.

If for no other purpose than awareness.

Education is key, through awareness, acceptance, action and working theory.

There is always room for another relaxing moment or a stimulating situation.

Especially, when in need of one or another.

If you are ready for one or the other, please read the article above.

A Litany Of Things

I don’t want to appear ungrateful for all the attention I have received over my life.

But I am suspicious, bored and tired of the ordeal from time to time.

At such times I like to do my routine, rest and relax and work or play.

But I am more on a maintenance mode.

I am extraordinarily grateful for all these things, people, supportive ways and resources that allow me to heal, regroup and reconnect with community and family.

Friends are a wonder at such times.

But these negative feelings are a reflection of a harm not welcome in my life.

I am grateful to be aware of this harm to me and others.

And I will do my best to recover from it and with others who suffer.

Pain is very depressing and fatiguing but is the single most direct route through all this mess.

I must get my rest.


The Philosophy Of pain is plain and simple.

To manage it requires a steadfast approach of simplicity, compassion and patience.

To process and act appropriately to pain means to use the stoic attitude and do no harm.

To elevate pain is usually complex and will usually abate when the stimulus is removed from the equation.

To evaluate pain sometimes requires a third party like a friend, family member or a physician (perhaps all three).

To act on this advice is to make an informed decision which is difficult at best and more so with pain present or whose arrival is imminent.


Pain Stops Us From Eating Any Fruit

Eating physical fruit like lemons, limes,

Eating emotional fruit like love, hate and the complete spectrum of feelings,

Eating mental fruit like reason, thoughts, and belief,

Eating moral or spiritual fruit like love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, self control and patience.

This is the true definition of poverty.

50 Shades Of Pain

Gallstone pain and pregnancy pain pale in comparison to broken hearted pain.

Afternoon pain is similar to evening pain but the latter is grayer or something.

Can pain gain from celebrity?

Wandering pain is never really happy, until it settles down.

Why go through the pain?  As if there is a choice.

This is very painful.

More pain please…

What a pain.

Yes, pain me please.

Top ten pains can show how ridiculous it is to try and control pain.

Suffering through enough pain is like a contract renewal:  there is never really enough to satisfy.

In the middle of all the pain, I just have to keep telling myself to go for flow, the here and now is what really matters.

Is there such a thing as lucky pain?

Pain can be philosophical. .