WHO Opinion on Health Risk To Humanity Based On Climate Change

It is a fact that any weather severe enough to affect human health outcomes is important.

Some authority may be exaggerating the outcomes on health risks, but WHO article are worth digesting into any search for clarification.

We are getting prepared to work on problems like Climate Change without enough preparation , research and study.

Let’s look into Climate Change.


Climate Change


There are a few key points in the article above.

1. IPCC says carbon dioxide has gone up 40% since the beginning of the 20th century.

2. Climate Change is always changing. What’s different now is the rate of change-and the reason behind it.

3. When we put it all together…we find that now it’s unequivocal: “Human influences has warmed the climate,”said Nathan Gillette.

There is a good deal more discussion about this early next year when the next two chunks of IPPC report, looking at adaptions and mitigation.

The Working Scientific Body Of Climate Change


According to current scientific theory, people are causing changes to climate that are making it a problem to live on earth and polluting the planet.

The mess we create is making it more dangerous to live here for all life.

Will we cause the planet to destroy us with severe outcomes?

The sun is another piece of the puzzle.

So is the solar system, galaxy, much bigger systems of outer space.