Collapsed Bed

Assemble it with screwdriver and wrench.

Easier said than done, my eyesight is poor, I need light and eye glasses.

The moody frustration bursts out, “Come on.”

I tighten the damn screw while holding the nut with the wrench and simultaneously controlling my frustration.

Put everything aside in handy location and return to my repaired bed for a shortened night sleep.




Exercising some better judgement over ones own behavior or desire, emotions and thoughts.

I am a work in progress.



A journal or diary can be a safe place to start,

A good practice requires failure in public and the expression of mistakes as well as our good work.

There is never a bad feeling, but behavior may require a little support.

As do our beliefs and social disagreements.

In turning our inner self out, there may be a need to change.

To face the truth about ourselves requires courage.

A good life is possible after a lot of work.

Measles has killed more people in DR Congo this year than Ebola epidemic, MSF says

Measles has killed 2,758 people in the DR Congo since January, more than the Ebola epidemic in a year, medical NGO Doctors Without Borders said, and called Saturday for a “massive mobilisation of funds.”
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Yet, another problem is causing harm in Congo this year.

And awareness of this effort is hard won in the face of current problems.

Multiple problems bare responsibility and assessment.

Effects are being made to bring more awareness to the measles and the Ebola outbreak.

Please support the effort.

Fear Walking

Every success has a collection of failures,

I notice I have a fear as I try to succeed,

I carry my fear through all these steps, these attempts at walking,

I notice my fear of falling,

I notice my fear changing as I rise up,

I notice my courage, even when I don’t know why I fell,

“Courage is fear walking,”

Susan David: The gift and power of emotional courage

Pros and Cons of Writers’ Associations: Find Out If Membership Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Considering joining a writers’ association? Learn the benefits every author should know – and the disadvantages. Then discover which group is best for you.
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To know your limitations are helpful when getting involved with any organization.

Do no harm, a great stoic catch phrase to help limit choices and plans before you doing a little checking into your rights and responsibilities for any contract, change or opportunity.

I work hard on my writing and try many ideas and learn many new ways to improve my craft.

Good luck!

Hornets’ Bismack Biyombo asks why Congo’s Ebola crisis ignored

Bismack Biyombo goes home to Congo every offseason. Lately it’s been to help halt the Ebola crisis that’s one of the worst in history.
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To clean up this crisis there must be a will to do it.

Money and time are important factors.

Organization will eventually benefit all people by preventing this problem from escalating into anything more serious.

Please support the effort.