Kutuzov: A Life in War and Peace by Alexander Mikaneridze


Have you ever read War and Peace?

Do you love history, character, point of view?

Just watch the vid above on the Russian perspective about Kutuzov without the propaganda or Patriotic exuberance.

The Power of Self

Self knowledge may have a resurgence after all the chaos on the society plate.

I need to reflect on my own power to maintain myself.

There is one fundamental truth, know yourself.

So, why do we doubt ourselves amd society at large.

I think it is due to self harm: the last two years has seen a pandemic like Covid and fentanyl.

Each of us has been challenged by these events in negative and perhaps more recently a number of positive ways.

There are many tangled up parts to ourselves that we process on the daily basis, but were overwhelmed by them these last two years.

I count myself lucky that it hasn’t been worse.

For the most part, I am grateful for my job, friends and family.

So, why state the obvious?

Recovery from our pain and lose over this two years means different things to different people.

To me it means do no harm, get on and enjoy my better day.

I still inch on with normalcy like everyone.

But I focus on my philosophy, family and friends with care.

I focus on myself and my work with care.

I strive to do no harm.

Recently, I have found some joy in reconnecting with old habits like going to the library.

Being a fan of the institute, I am happy to witness its resurrection from restrictions, and other changes.

I am beginning to practice my weekly routine to visit and borrow in person. I recommend “News and How To Use It.” It has a short introduction by a mainstream expert and an alphabet selection of his important opinion that will inspire those who need to know.

Lastly, I recommend that everyone needs to visit their local library once a week. Try on this good habit, who knows what you will pickup at being ‘normal’ in society at large.

I think we all need to reconnect with our society. Get ready for round two of the pandemics, we all need to take back our personal power by finding some recovery from what has happened over the last two years.

WHO Opinion on Health Risk To Humanity Based On Climate Change

It is a fact that any weather severe enough to affect human health outcomes is important.

Some authority may be exaggerating the outcomes on health risks, but WHO article are worth digesting into any search for clarification.

We are getting prepared to work on problems like Climate Change without enough preparation , research and study.

Let’s look into Climate Change.


Sleep Information and opinion from Globe and Mail

Yes, we lost sleep due to the extra warm summer.

Yes, we already loose sleep.

Yes sleep is important and we need ways to get more of it.

Education is key. Virtue can help us become more aware about our sleep habit.

Try both by checking out the link below.





The Spiritual Emerson

What has been suppressed in the American psyche?

How can it be awakened from its slumber?

The Essential Works by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Spiritual Emerson

We hold parts of ourselves hostage through withholding solitude nature and being our true selves. Or so says my friend, Henry David Thoreau.

We stifle our true selves, I agree, quiet time is important: inner peace.

I wrote, A Yankee in Canada which is a meditation of sorts about our suppression.

Let’s all wake up and sing a song that brings the kind of hope without weakness.

A hope that shows strength and a willingness and ability.

Yes, courage, compassion,self awareness and contemplation.

Think about reading Emerson.

Get the idea from he that knows the truth first hand.

Exercise and Melanoma

There is exercise,nutrition and sleep that helps our body function at the best capacity.

If the path our lives differ due to circumstances, then our treatment there must have small adjustments based on the nature of the changes due to the difference of circumstances.

True, melanoma will require medical treatment like cycles of immune therapy.

The side effects or symptoms brought on by the treatment will alter how we adjust our exercise, nutrition and sleep.

To continue with specific example will demonstrate these generally but are not to be taken as habits to adopt without supervision and your doctor’s recommendations.

Our sleep can become disrupted by depression and anxiety that all illness will accompany due to physical changes to the body and various alterations to states of mind.

It is best to do our best and do no harm. This means to stay the course of our routine each day. I will continue to get up and go to bed the same each day. Even when I am restless and have less sleep due to my anxiety and depression.

The same can be said about exercise and nutrition. I will keep standing, moving, exercising and working and playing like I am able. This may reduce due to my energy level. But doing my best will help produce some benefit without spoiling the total benefits of exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Please watch the lecture bellow for detailed information on this topic.

Awareness is key.


The Pot Book

Recently acquired from Value Village for 5.99. And my favourite store.

There is much more about this book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis. Its Role in Medicine, Politics,Science,and Culture.

Edited By Julie Holland, M.D.

With contributions by Andrew Weil,M.D.,Michael Pollan, Lester Grinspon,M.D., Allen St. Pierre (NORML), and others

The Pot Book

However, there is much more on this subject than one definitive book

Please feel free to check out this reference.


I am not a marijuana user nor do I use it or recommend it’s use.

But I do research and study topics that bring information relevant to people today. I believe this is comprehensive survey on the topic today.

There is so much to be aware of today and so little time. Happy reading and I highly recommend awareness. Seize the day and all that stuff!