The Writing Practice

There are only sounds of words,

I have a vision, it brings purpose, in a way.

The touch or feeling is electrifying, and singular.

A taste of death, the desire for truth,

The scent of saints, a flower’s bouquet,

When you struggle to read, a sound is all you need,

You can see what and who to follow,

Sometimes, a powerful calling is only felt once,

A true pleasure may taste bad.

A good scent follows us all.

Learn to write in every way but do not delay.

Cast a blog or journal into the foray.

Bring ballast to the word:  read, recite, rehearse, review, record, question and survey.

Some ideas are hard to hold and hide in the cracks like a moray.

Research is more than a ‘google’ or as report, it is your forte!

To be a generalist, a word lover, a creative visionary, a critical taster, a moral florist…

To write and read and research for all you are worth everyday.

And to pay particular attention to your mind and body and living the good life…

This is the life of a writer and will prove to be a good practice over time.

Michael’ Secrets

Perhaps ‘private practice ‘ is a better term.

I usually make a first and second draft.

Why fly without a net, I can see why I might keep money secrets, writing secrets, blog secrets.

Being anonymous has similar benefits,

Preparation is better than sloppy craft or a poor choice.

‘Do no harm’ is my motto, better ‘Michael’ is my goal.