Violence against health workers complicating measles outbreak in Ebola-ravaged Congo | CBC News

Violence against health workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo is complicating the response to a massive measles outbreak and accelerating the spread of the disease, which has claimed twice as many lives than an ongoing Ebola epidemic.
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The measles and Ebola, in the Congo are being complicated by the war zone.

People mainly children are dying from the measles.

Awareness is key, please support the effort.

Hiding the Real Africa – Columbia Journalism Review

Hiding the Real Africa – Columbia Journalism Review
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“Holiday In TheWild”

“It’s cheesy, it’s stupid, but it’s also really quite charming.” Stuart Heritege, Guardian

“Davis is a particular delight and all the elephants are adorable and no other Christmas movie this year can claim to have Kristin Davis and elephants.”

But, ‘saving the elephants’ and painting Africa as ‘the great outdoors’ is insulting at best and quite demeaning when propped up by ‘a midlife divorce or separation from an upper class American partner’.

Yet, holiday’s tend to need some passable escapism, and if Africa can tolerate, yet another American slight, we can accept luxury movies from Hollywood.

I cautiously suggest a dip into the shallow end of Africa, and propose an education for all those who deem to watch such a movie.

If you watch this movie, try to become aware of all there really is to know about the continent of Africa.  At the very least, the 7th wonder of the world!

10 things Africa has given the world | Africa | The Guardian

10 things Africa has given the world | Africa | The Guardian
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Africa gives more than she receives,

Is extraordinary and believes,

Listens, looks, and thinks of gifts both great and small,

People live close to the ground,

They never crave someone or something because they give good will and make meetings count.

The love of Africa is expansive, over 1 billion people strong,

A young vibrant community with many languages, countries (54), and culture.

There is a fast growing place with more opportunities than anyone can believe.

That is why there is so much coaxing to come and see.

Visit a big beautiful place with many mysteries and wonders.