Low Cost Preventative Method Or Getting Through The Pandemic/COVID-19

  1. Supplement with Zinc and Vitamin D
  2. Hydrate and keep electrolytic balance
  3. sleep
  4. exercise
  5. diet
  6. wear mask
  7. hand sanitize
  8. physical distance
  9. get flu shot
  10. ventilate living space
  11. be polite
  12. consider a low viral load
  13. no touching
  14. learn from Japan model
  15. watch John Campbell videos
  16. use app
  17. 811 call
  18. do more virtually
  19. education
  20. practice good health habits

World Health

There are problems that deter people from this topic.

Education is key.

Become aware that prevention will help prepare for the biggest issues: population increase, lack of health care, epidemics and poverty.

We need to cooperate and collaborate to protect us all from the effects of aging, disease and other directly related problems.

Please support the effort.


Check out the maps at the world health organization for awareness