Every religion teaches virtues like patience, simplicity and compassion.

Humanity teaches the importance of religion.

Therefore, religion is important to humanity.

I believe in treating people with compassion and building self-confidence to find the best way to live my life.

I like and admire the way the Dalia Lama expresses this to the world.

I am living a good life, and respect philosophy, religion and the humanities.

But I do not worship or devote myself to them.

I respect Authority and leadership in the same way.

This is why I think it is best for people (including myself) to listen and learn from many people who can help us find better ways to live a good life.

Please watch the vid below by the Dalai Lama. He is sharing wisdom that I believe helps me practice living a good life. And it may help others find some better ways to improve them while living the ways that allow them to live a good life.

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