Order Vs. Chaos: Good Works!

In this dialogue, the paradigm of Good Vs Evil is replaced with Order Vs Chaos.  The two duke it out.  No surprize here, order wins hands down.

Order:  Why don’t you like good?

Chaos:  I like good.

O:  I know you don’t.  You could care less about anything.  You don’t respect anything.  Why do you destroy?

C:  I like disorder.

O:  You don’t like anything, anyone, anywhere.  Nothing.  You like disorder, because it is the opposite of order, it is Chaos.

C:  Exactly, but good works for you.  It helps you stay organized and you like working, staying alive.

O:  Wrong.

C:  What then?

O:  Clarity, balance, growth, and this allows the universe to continue.  If all else continues, we will grow, we will emerge.  We are agents of order and good.  Do you get it?

C:  Ya, ya.  What am I, bad breath, a wasted life?

O:  You are a slayer of all life.  Because, nothing begets nothing.  You don’t work.  You harm all that works.

C:  I don’t get it.  What is all the hub bub about.  You win, I loose, you loose I win, what’s the difference?

O:  Good works.  Your way, there is no order.  My way, Chaos lives to create trouble another day.

C:  You telling me, I win either way?

O:  Yup.

C:  Damn.  That’s good.

O:  Exactly…

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