Stephen Hawking is a hero of mine.

He wrote a good read called “The Grand Design”.

I picked up my copy for a number of reasons.

It is my favorite book on Cosmology.

I picked up my copy at Value Village.

I live on a bootstrap budget and plan to continue this way Ad infinitude.

But it didn’t stop me from finding a good copy of his book for under 5 bucks.

I use the book in many ways,

It is a great book to contemplate in at least a philosophical manner.

It is a starry excellento reference book.

His co-writer, Leonard Mlodinow is superb.

And he has toiled in cosmology making his books very useful.

“A Brief History of time” to “The Grand Design” is a great run of books.

But he has many contributions to books, articles and other forms of writing.

“I am Malala”

This woman is sharing her story with us.

She is an important politician, who will make a difference for her Pakistan and the rest of the world.

But she has already done more than most of us can ever hope to do.

This tribute to her is in the form of a book recommendation.

She shows so much to us.  Take a look.

Can Philosophy Help You With Relationships?



There is a counsellor philosophy that is a method solving life’s ups and downs:  change.

One prescribed method is the PEACE method which is outlined in the book, Plato Not Prozac! by Lou Marinoff, PH.D.

Having an interest in philosophy seems to have spilled over into other areas of my life.

I suggest being a life long student in all your affairs.

In my case, I am curious about everything and there by developed a generalist attitude towards knowledge, life and my day to day affairs.

To put it in a nut shell, can applying philosophy to relationships help solve problem?

I believe we do it all the time.

To establish a set of rules or principles to live by is very virtuous and somewhat frowned on in today’s society.

But to be curious and want more out of life has given me license to see the sense in being more philosophical about relationships.

I am not advocating philosophy as a way to practice living with your significant other, but philosophy has much to give to us all in one form or another.