Stephen Hawking is a hero of mine.

He wrote a good read called “The Grand Design”.

I picked up my copy for a number of reasons.

It is my favorite book on Cosmology.

I picked up my copy at Value Village.

I live on a bootstrap budget and plan to continue this way Ad infinitude.

But it didn’t stop me from finding a good copy of his book for under 5 bucks.

I use the book in many ways,

It is a great book to contemplate in at least a philosophical manner.

It is a starry excellento reference book.

His co-writer, Leonard Mlodinow is superb.

And he has toiled in cosmology making his books very useful.

“A Brief History of time” to “The Grand Design” is a great run of books.

But he has many contributions to books, articles and other forms of writing.

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