Gut Health

There is a connection between gut and brain .

We have microbes giving us many important chemicals.

So, eat well and the microbes you grow through eating well will keep you healthy.

So, eat fiber (microbe food) and find out what other good foods will produce decent microbes (probiotics).

All in all, this is a young science with high potential for healthspan.

Change Your Life (raise a little hell)

Raise a little hell,

Raise a little hell,

Raise a little hell,

If you don’t like your life rearrange it.



Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!

If you don’t like who you see, why don’t you fight it (you)?

If you know there’s something wrong why don’t you right it.

Raise a little hell,raise a little hell,raise a little hell?

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell,raise a little hell?


Because that way you will start to find a better way!

Being MINDFUL Each Day

Learning to take responsibility for our state of mind will enhance our ability to choose a better way to be.

We will learn to be present instead of hurrying or worrying.

We will learn to use our mind rather than the other way around.

It is a small thing to be here and now weather good, bad or indifferent.

Rather than fight or flight response, we will choose to be kind, calm and safe.

We can gain the strength of mind to behave this way.

So, if you want to learn to practice mindful meditation, you will gain the ability to act calm, kind and more safe.

Then it is up to you to decide what to do with that freedom.

Why Are The Bees Dying?

The most provocative vid I could find on the subject is sparking my imagination.

It seems likely we are responsible to some degree or another.

If that is even remotely true, we must go out into nature and try to emerge our talented ways.

Perhaps, connecting with nature will help us in other ways: health, education, respect and an ongoing improved relationship with the planet.

Seriously, lets try and learn more about bees and what is going on in the world.

Brazil | Today’s latest from Al Jazeera

Stay on top of Brazil latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera’s fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps.
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Is there more to learn about such a huge country?

Can Al Jazeera add to our information about Brazil and the expansion of a changing country?

Gallery: Climate change is about more than polar bears — 7 ways we can use photography to communicate more deeply |

Humans are visual creatures: our understanding of the world is dominated by what we see, and how this makes us feel. That’s why Climate Visuals — the world’s only evidence-based climate photography resource — compiled seven key principles to help photographers and organizations effectively communicate the scale and scope of the climate crisis. 
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Begs the question, ‘What is Climate Change?’

Look at the pictures in the above article and live and learn.

Of course there are growing pains about this topic.

Education is better with positive emotions and factual content.

I think we need to learn more about this outdated topic.

Perhaps I am somewhat provocative because I consider myself a life long learner but was surprised by my ignorance on the topic after reading and thinking about the article above.

There is always more to learn…