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16 health benefits of eating boiled eggs – good as energy sources, for bone and beauty, metabolism, brain, and overall health.
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Because of my own medical problem, having mild anemia, I choose the boiled egg.

The price is right and it is a nutritious food.

If eggs are agreeable to you, you may find the above link informative.

Many Nations Show Extremes Within Its Population

Canada has had a variety of social problems in various parts of population based on every aspect: age, gender, institutions, migration, citizenship, financial status, language, and so much more….

What about ‘white nationalism’?


The majority of people have been suffering stress and behaviors are occurring in the fringes of the population of our country.

The same thing is happening around the world.

There are many opinions on this topic.

To most, racism is just racism, but there are sub categories we need to be familiar with in order to be aware of our social problems.

Education is key.

Be aware of the problem and learn how to best face these problems in our society today.

The Spirit Of Nature

The coarseness of an instrument may produce music when played by a human being.

Like a human being, a bird can use its faculty to sing a song.

Or a body of a big healthy tree can sway ominously in strong winds and project beauty and truth.

Is nature speaking through human beings?

What is the faculty in nature telling us in the wild?

The wild forest is but a small part of the land, sea, and sky.

Nature is throughout the planet, solar system and galaxy.

Nature is time and space with all the life, matter and energy.

Nature is fully functional in micro space and time with all the viruses, bacteria and more.

Don’t confuse science with nature, life is nature.

Don’t confuse intelligence with nature….

The Inner Human Vs. The Outer Human

How do you measure control, living, peace, equilibrium, or the ups and downs of everyday living?

One way is making 250,000 a month with e-commerce, the contrast is with a 9 to 5 job.

But most people may feel they are wasting their lives because they have no energy to do what they think is best for them.

It is best to block life out when it is complete.

For example, it takes about 60 years to really appreciate a good life.

At around the finishing line, there are some thoughts that the winner may express and others from the rest.

But life is not about winning or losing.

Life is about feeling, thinking, acting, believing , accepting and doing what is best each day without doing harm to yourself or others.

Most of us work 9 to 5.

Most of us watch too much TV.

Most of us are messed up.

But a good lens to see through is the stuff we live on the inside and the stuff we live on the outside.

This leads to the question ‘who am I’.

I am both.

And it is hard to figure out which is important

Or how important is it.

Keep living the good life.

Live each day, or less.

Live as little as is necessary.

Sometimes it is enough, live that.

Sometimes a week is a better measuring stick.

Maybe it is time to pay some attention to the inner and outer stuff.

The Opposite Of Fear Is Knowledge and Understanding….

False Emotion Appearing Real is one way to disarm fear.

Another is by questioning your fear.

Facing your fear is like seeing fear for what it is or understanding what it looks like to you.

Analyzing fear is a way of using your curiosity to learn more about what it is or discovering the knowledge and understanding you need to let go of the fear or feel the fear and do it anyway.

Please read the article below for more insight.

What’s the Opposite of Fear? | Psychology Today

Nicotine is best to quit cold turkey

You will end up eating more when you quit.

It takes a few weeks to loose cravings, and you will gain weight because of hunger cravings.

You will be moody and need to stay home for a week or two.

Don’t cheat, just, keep quitting till you stop.

Better yet, think before you act.

Stop smoking?

Conversation With Emerson: Self-Reliance

Emerson: I must do what I think.

Me: Yes, don’t be a conformist.

E: Do your work.

M: I am not sick. I know you work.

E: Why not, you write. Your work is to write.

M: You do not wish to be right. I do not need your praise.

E: I will not whip you!

M: I see you want me to use my self-trust.

E: Speak what you think with hard words….

M; I can not doubt you!

Learn About Self-Reliance!

Black Friday, November 25,2022

It is in Canada on the above day.

And Cyber Monday is Monday, November 28,2022.

If you want to wait to save up for the event or shop before the event, you may be too late this year.

Just consider what is best for you.

Money, money money, lots of money….