A Little Bit Of Concern To Stimulate Your Supplementation Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D seems to be too low in many people.

There have been many studies showing how harmless supplementation can be.

The question is why are not people getting their Vitamin D through sun exposure?

If you are someone who needs supplementation consider watching the vid below.

Maybe get more sun? Instead of supplementation.

A Sense Of Sickness

Sickness can occur when the environment is polluted through the water, air and soil.

You may get genetic mutations to your DNA or skin cells from radiation overexposture.

There are many toxic substances in the environment.

But that is not the only ways to get a sense of getting sick.

Sometimes we overindulge with lifestyle.

Too much junkfood and consumption can be caused when our body system is pushed beyound its recovery rate.

To imagine what this is like please watch the vid below.

Some Food Is Bad For YOU!

How to clean your iPhone charging port | iMore

If you’re iPhone isn’t charging properly or is just full of pocket fluff, take these steps to clean it out.
— Read on www.imore.com/iphone/how-to-clean-your-iphone-charging-port

My iPhone 13 is pretty clean in the port. But I wonder if it is the cable ports.

Epic Tales

There is one that spread far and wide.

It made a mark on me.

The song still plays in my mind.

I fancy a walk in that country.

It wouldn’t want to dwell on the past.

It would be more sound than I can call upon.

How does it start?

Once upon a time?

‘There and Back Again’,

A place calling will be made any second now by J. R. R. Tolkien with the assistance of Christopher Tolkien.

The Trilogy is often called The Lord Of The Rings,as it is often referred to by many people.


Life Lessons

Are they dumb, a waste of time, and doing us harm?

Can you answer the question like is this dumb?

My intension is to be curious and to look for a better way when I stop, look and listen.

So, this is not a waste of time, or dumb, or harming myself and others.

Being available is important to think about it.

If you can make yourself available, try watching the vid.

Seven lessons

Autism Myth

Is it someone that caused the problem?

What is it?

Education is key.

Please support the effort.