Being great, fine, good, etc.

To find flow with people, economy and the common good.

To master a way to be with the world when all control is out of reach.

Resist the ‘urge’ to fix it or do it.

Find peace of mind and go for flow….

Live each moment like it may be your last.

Tao-translating the untranslatable!

How Probiotics Can Be Good for Your Brain

A growing body of research suggests that beneficial bacteria called probiotics have wide-reaching health benefits, including effects on the brain.
— Read on www.healthline.com/nutrition/probiotics-and-brain-health

50 billion, 8 strain probiotics…

Ramping up to experience optimal gut microbiome health.

Insight from the DALAI LAMA 2020

A year long tribute, a year of gratitude to celebrate and honour the 85 year and Dalai Lama.

“If we have been reborn time after time,it is evident that we have needed many mothers to give us birth…. The first cause bringing about bodhichitta is the recognition that all beings have been our mother.”

We come from our mother, it means we were made to be in this world. We tend to be thankful. Most like to honour and respect and even obey. Many mothers have done well to feed and raise children to allow us to be here today. We may not treat our mothers as well as they deserve or visa versa for that matter. But all produce life and have potential to give back what they needed to grow and prosper.

I am grateful for my mom. We will celebrate her 88th Birthday today.

Happy B-day!

Nurture The Mindset

Peace calm quiet stillness, usually, when the body (and therefore brain), is well fed, rested and exercised, the mindset is strong.

If not, maybe a good mindset practice is useful.

To focus the mind on a basic idea that is nurturing is the best idea: peace, calm, quiet, and stillness.

Sometimes it is good to discover what is weakening your mindset.

When you think, are you distracted by things you do or devices you are using?

Try thinking or doing, either/or, try doing one thing at a time.

Practice being mindful of being at peace, calm, quiet and stillness.

Try all the above ten minutes a day and then decide if it is worth doing daily.

Be Courageous

Insight from the Dalai Lama: Friday, July 10, 2020. “I learned that courage was not an absence of fear, but the triumph over it, I felt fear more times than I can remember, but I hid it behind a mask of boldness.”

Facing the object of my fear is easy. Once I feel the fear. When anxiety strikes, there is nothing to do. But it is all part of the complexity in this struggle to be.

Sometimes, I must use my courage to face my fear, straight in front of me.

I must do what I am afraid to do.

Peace, calm, quietness, and stillness, I gently turn to face my fear (whatever I must do, I do it.)

It is like an important decision I do again and again.

At times it is nothing, but the anxiety is strong. I feel it. But I gently, let it go and return to the task at hand, be it overcoming my anxiety or fear. Or my other obstacles in my path.

But sometimes it comes with an after glow of accomplishment: pride, satisfaction, excitement, joy….

I let them go too.

Peace, calm, quiet, stillness,

Another day, well worth doing, ‘live to the fullest!’

Nurture: pause and breath

Before taking action pause and breath.

Basically, work within your limits.

It helps to gain clarity.

Like do your job.

Follow your routine.

Be willing to take risks when it is worth it.

And if all else fails, go with your gut.

It works, try it, it really works.

Compassion, simplicity and patience…

Religious Traditions

In the spirit of a year long, world celebration of gratefulness. Set through agreement with the Dalai Lama on his 85 birthday.

Thursday July 9, Insight from the Dalai Lama 2020. “One religion simply cannot satisfy the needs of such a variety of people. If we try to unify the faiths of the world into one religion, we will also lose many of the qualities of each particular tradition.”

I am grateful for religious traditions because it brings family unity in a loving way. To connect and experience a religious holiday brings good benefits to all.