Marijuana: The Black Market/Humour/Murder

This is a good movie:  The Gentlemen.  The topic requires less entertainment and more of a reality check.  But reality, crime and the ugly underside of humanity is better kept for another day.  Perhaps (the movie) a little obtuse, but very happy watching times!

Please check out the movie on your favorite movie rental service.

(That’s a pretty fucking good movie!)

It’s All Love and Roses 2-who doesn’t love more romance

“Snow2”, granted the sequel is a pale imitation.

Yet, for those who didn’t get enough the first time,

I highly recommend more reindeer, Christmas and all that other stuff.

In terms of family entertainment, it is a no brainer and the kids never get enough Christmas!

Again, keep it all tucked away under the tree till the holidays.

I think we all get a little sentimental at Christmas and if this sounds like you, check out Snow2:


It’s Love and Roses

“Snow”  is a family extravaganza about ….

Well, if the title gives you a hint, just let me say there is a reindeer, Christmas and a whole lot of other stuff.

There is definitely layered meaning to this season greetings movie.

I highly recommend keeping this show under wraps until the holiday.

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars for family fun: