Gordon Lightfoot

Fans continue to pay tribute to this musician.

I like a song he wrote about “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”.

This is the folk element and sound I appreciate.

His discography is extensive.

And his biography is very full.

A celebratory force for Canadian music.

Thanks for all the great music.


Best Keto FoodWhen On No Sugar & Intermittent Fasting

protein like fish (salmon and shellfish)

grass fed beef



parmesan cheese


fruits and veggies like avocado



swiss chard



fats and oils like olive oil

coconut oil

nuts and seeds like almonds

dairy products like cheddar cheese

condiments and spices like salt and pepper




Be A Laugh And Laugh A Lot

Getting more animated about my sense of humour is a good start.

Putting a smile on my face and a spring in my step goes a bit further to lighten my mood.

I like to smile and talk and be with good people.

Perhaps, I will say something funny, “Gimme a smile, I’ll give you two.”

Or, at least I am trying to come up with a smile or two…

It never hurts to be myself to get a laugh.

And when people smile and laugh it loosens me up to do the same.

Listen to this guy, I thought he helped me focus on my funny side.

Canada’s Support For World Mental Health Day

With my job as a Canadian citizen, I like to acknowledge my country’s role on the world stage today.

I would be remiss to ignore my own beliefs on this topic.

I do my best to look after my health so I can extend my support to loved ones, co-workers,neighbours, my social network and fellowship as a world citizen.

My philosophy is simple: do my best and do no harm.

I attempt to make a practice out of living a good life.

Best regards,

Make Mental Health First

Quitting Sugar Cold Turkey

It is probably important to check with a doctor once you decide to quit.

Be certain you trust your doctor.

Then check out some expert advice, but be sure you can trust their advice.

It is not easy or always possible to stop sugar cold turkey.

Stick with what works for you.

Keep looking for good advice.

Do no harm is always a safe bet and question.

I keep putting some experts and authorities on a pedestal.

This is my way of saying, look hard for good advice.

With that said, education is key.

Please watch the short vid below.

Stop sugar when it is best for you.

Eat Yourself Well: My Top Mistakes

Know you know what and when to eat food.

Control your food and control your behaviour.

Stop eating food that is causing you to get sick.

Know this is a journey that leads to best health.

Know you will learn to manage your time, money and other resources.

My mistakes are about awareness. Or getting to know myself in a harmless way.

I discovered I eat sugar and that I crave it because I eat it (that is why my habit was to stop eating sugar).

I also eat too often.

I discovered intermittent fasting and keto eating by going on vegetables and lean meat.

I had to fail a few times before I could change my habits.

I stopped sugar the first time without knowing keto.

I stopped sugar the second time by eating vegetables and lean meat.

I have stopped sugar the third time by learning how to eat keto and do intermittent fasting….


Good stuff

Dialogue about sugar….

What is it about sweet food that causes harm to the whole body?

Why stop eating all these carbs/sugars? The sweet stuff.

How do we prevent disease?

Stop eating all sugar…

Do it after listening to the dialogue under this short reason to stop sugar.

eat better and be healthy

The Future Is The Good Life

Yes, I will do my best.

Yes I will use the premise: proper use of impressions.

And yes, I will do no harm.

Imagine, you doing the same.

And, imagine everyone else doing the same.

The Future is doing its best, using the proper use of impressions and doing no harm.

How much do you earn when you follow this method?

Is it of any worth?

Life is worth it, why not a good life?

I am grateful to practice every day.