Socrates And Me

In this dialogue, the father of philosophy attempts to help me understand, in my own thoughts, the ‘miraculous gift’. Socrates has listened to me my whole life, he knows it is vital to awaken a spirit of living in all those who are willing and able. For my part, the spirit is willing but the brain I have built is still ‘a brick short of a load’.

Socrates: Good evening Michael, how you doing?

Michael: If life was any better, I’d have to give you my left…anything you want Soc.

S: What is important to you?

M: My sister, mom, coworker, my writing, living the best I can each day. All I can care about.

S: Michael, you make a lot of mistakes like watching TV, not watching your health, avoiding work and writing. When will you ever learn?

M: You know I try my best.

S: Do I? I see you make choices that reflect, poor judgement and better and good judgement.

M: Yes, are we not all trying our best?

S: Far from it. We or I can do better.

M: I need to do better, life is so short.

S: What are you saying? Do you have an answer worth discussing?

M: The stoic said it is better to stop acting on desire until you make a dent on aversion.

S: Charming, your desires are a woman, yet they are an aversion, like your writing, work and a few other things in your life.

M: True, I am willing to risk more or to go without what I need until I can afford to do it. I need my job to pay my way in society. I am willing to give up everything to live the ‘good life’.

S: I believe you. And I think you are on the right track. Good life!

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