Life Isn’t Too Complicated, I Am

The pain of my life is hard to define.

One day it is a combination of new ideas, old information and people.

The next it is my take on working out my problems with people places and things.

In today’s fast paced environment, I am loosing my ability to change and adapt.

I’ve listened to the minimalist, the spiritual guru and the rest.

I am doing good with my factors: aging, disease and overall health.

I am working on work, exercise and good orderly direction.

I am still trying to accept whomever or whatever.

I can’t always be on top of it all.

There will always be some ups and downs.

Atheist And Student: Who Is The New Atheist?

In this dialogue a Atheist attempts to express the values of people who happen to be Atheists.

Atheist:  You do understand, I do not believe in God.  Some think because of my belief that I don’t believe in truth.  That I have not got a purpose, therefore I must file for a Leftist belief in Nationalism to maintain some semblance of sanity.

Student:  Do you think that if someone believes in God that they have no purpose and cling to religion to keep their sanity?

A:  Well, yes and no.  I believe I didn’t think to give religious people or people their due.  They all have purpose and all have their sanity.  Like I do.

Student:  Why don’t you believe in God?

A:  Interesting question, I am a big believer in trying on beliefs.  I think it is best for me to try it first, before recommending it to others.

S:  So you just decided to try out believing in life without believing in god.

A:  I had a problem that challenged me to try out a God free way of existing in this world.

S:  What have you discovered?

A:  I must take more responsibility for my life and the way I treat other life.

S:  Do you treat people better?

A:  Differently, I like to take responsibility for my ways, behaviour and try to do no harm to myself and others.  My views have always been hard to express without a clear demonstration without God.

S:  What do you believe?

A:  That people need to be free to choose their own beliefs.  But this sometimes conflicts with your life because others disagree with your Atheism.

S:  Is there anything you want to tell people?

A:  I believe I usually like to keep my Atheism to myself.  But I think we should all have the choice to choose our beliefs and to be in the kind of practice of our choosing as long as we are not harmful to our self or others.  We all make mistakes and it is hard to forgive and forget.  We need to strive to understand each other.

S:  Are you a perfectionist.

A:  Not really, I know I can never be perfect.  I make mistakes like everyone.  I take responsibility for my actions.  I am wrong more often than I would like to admit.  But I like to be as transparent as possible.  I consider myself to be a Canadian liberal, but accept capitalism and democracy because it is our way.  I also accept the ways of a multi ethnic, multi-belief orientated Canadian Society.  I attempt to be the best Canadian I can be.

S:  What do you think I should do?

A:  Keep an open mind, talk to people and explore your beliefs like you would any other part of your life.  And please, feel free to ask me or show me whatever you think is best.  I prefer if you be nonviolent and try not to harm me:


To Learn About The Philosophy Of Mathematics

The introduction is full of ideas.

The method is much more complex.

It requires a system of knowledge that expands on the ideas and systematically requires a proof of every problem.

This is the science and the art to the philosophy of mathematics.

I have this idea that all knowledge can be known or proven mathematically:  philosophy, science, arts like language, humanities, and other inter disciplinary studies.

Currently, we are struggling to prove language mathematically, but I can see progress.  And science is full of math.

Plato said all the world is based on form.

We now believe all the world is based on forms.

We know time is arithmetic.

We know from Einstein that the universe is form or math.

Now what?

Well, object reality can be broken down to its form which are objects, even math is an object which we can use precisely to prove the universe does exist outside our minds.

Yes, we are all really here in the universe.

This is not a dream.

Funny, we all kinda new there is a reality.

But, what are the applications to all this math?

Ah, the answer to this question begs for students in Math or the Philosophy Of Mathematics!