She may have a late nap and be up forever

Worries and concerns of a young mom talking to her friend on the way to the store, baby in tow.

She is grateful, thriving and living in a good way.

Contrasting situations arise downtown, but mom feels good taking her young baby out for a stroll with the support of a good friend.

So many parts to a well rounded life, what will this woman do in this lifetime?

Who will her baby become?

How will her family live over the next twenty five years.

There is a lot going on out there.

We have a lot of changes, choices and charges to work out.

But it is nice to smell the roses and acknowledge the traditional aspects from time to time.

Driving My Mom Crazy!

Getting the rental van.

Making the appointment to the casino.

Doing the activity with family and friends.

Watching the outcomes.

What is happiness?

What is fun?

Being present and doing what is done.

Keeping it simple.

Going with. the flow.

Making the memories.

And doing what is best.

She really is the best.

I love her more than I know.

Happy Mother’s Day.