Control Verses Loss Of Control: Life Balance

In this dialogue, Chaos and Order discus the consequences of living in peace.

Chaos: I love you.

Order: You hate me.

C: I can do both.

O: Going to war is my last option.

C: Together we can live a better life.

O: I agree, like the yin and the yang, we become the Tao.

C: I will be with you health or sickness, so help me.

O: I will help you, the way you selflessly help me to give up my desire when it is contrary to us or the way.

C: You seem genuine about keeping harm away from death’s door.

O: You speak of compromise, compassion and truth.

C: And you of love and marriage.

O: Let us take our vows and be truly happy.

How Does Blood Sugar Balance Improve Your Overall Health?

First, the liver does it 100 times more than the pancreas.

Second, to keep a healthy liver, we need to cut down on sugars and alcohol.

Third, to improve liver health we need to do short intensive workouts throughout the day, shoot for 7 hours sleep each night, and eat bitter veggies to the tune of seven cups a day, for example try a Kale shake each morning.

If you want to do all the above, try watching this video to understand the ideas behind the practice.

Balance(There is always that excuse.)

To have a glass of water with every meal.

To go out for a walk, to see the moon, to feel the fresh air, to be with people, : I don’t really care what you use for a reason.

To talk with a friend or relative.

To have an extra hour sleep at night.

To fast instead of eating supper.

To pick up around the house.

To read and write in any place.

To turn off any device for any reason.

To listen to calming sounds or music.

To meditate and be still, calm and silent.

To eat real food, mostly vegetables at every meal.

To work well with yourself and others.

To find peace, enjoyment, good company, good work, and good people each and everyday for the rest of your life.