Being great, fine, good, etc.

To find flow with people, economy and the common good.

To master a way to be with the world when all control is out of reach.

Resist the ‘urge’ to fix it or do it.

Find peace of mind and go for flow….

Live each moment like it may be your last.

Tao-translating the untranslatable!

Control Verses Loss Of Control: Life Balance

In this dialogue, Chaos and Order discus the consequences of living in peace.

Chaos: I love you.

Order: You hate me.

C: I can do both.

O: Going to war is my last option.

C: Together we can live a better life.

O: I agree, like the yin and the yang, we become the Tao.

C: I will be with you health or sickness, so help me.

O: I will help you, the way you selflessly help me to give up my desire when it is contrary to us or the way.

C: You seem genuine about keeping harm away from death’s door.

O: You speak of compromise, compassion and truth.

C: And you of love and marriage.

O: Let us take our vows and be truly happy.