Good Friday

Given the observances and meaning of this Christian tradition, the sober and reflective nature is understandable in the country of Canada.

Secular society and religious society blend cultural habits to spend the day with respect to each other’s ways.

Many world religions unite in these same ways: meals, greetings, other social activities.

And yet, the global pandemic make this day more restrictive to society as a whole.

Education is key to respect and mutual understanding these days.

My Sleep Data

Keeping track of my sleep is like measuring my weight, it is a great awareness tool.

I try not to make decisions when I am moody or upset.

My best intentions are around making good habits.

Regulating sleep is like sleighing down a good hill. You want a clear route, good sleigh and good intentions.

You know I have good intentions, going to sleep means my body has proper nutrition, exercise and a good sleep environment. So if all goes well during the night, I usually get a good sleep like the above data shows.

I also keep a sleep journal. Among other things, I keep notes daily about my progress, problems and answers. The journal also reflects my mood, intentions and thoughts. Today it was short: I had a pretty good sleep. I stick to the same stuff I need to do to sleep well. I go to bed at the same time and get up the same time each day. I dress the same for bed. Same room ambiance: darkness, temperature, quiet, etc. I don’t snack too close to my bed time. In fact, I try not to snack at all.

So, I am not on a light maintenance cycle. But by doing all the above, my goal is to get a good routine for healthy sleep each night. Most people already do all the above. But if your sleep needs improvement, some of these habits can help regulate a good nights sleep.

When and how to get your dose

Vaccination phase two is here for COVID-19.

Are you going to get vaccinated?

Then you will need to read the link below.

Best wishes on your decision regarding vaccination.

A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote

A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote
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To live and let live is like doing no harm, but in this novel the story is told.

An epic or story that shows us the truth is the most enlightened way we know to show us the value of consciousness.

If you love, live and learn, you will want to read this story.

Great COVID-19 bicycle boom expected to keep bike industry on its toes for years to come

Great COVID-19 bicycle boom expected to keep bike industry on its toes for years to come
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Why do we have bike lanes, who wants to ride a bike and how does this impact society in Canada?

Many people have started to ride a bike, a better bike or a new bike.

The pandemic has convinced people to go for a ride and get out of the car for health and happiness.

The bike lanes are needed to help regulate this new pattern.

Perhaps Canada will go greener in light of the new normal?

Doctor Bonnie Henry

A grateful provincial sentiment resides in British Columbia for this Public Health Leader.

She has done a great job, it is good to hear she has support from family.

Her last leg of this pandemic will make us all proud.

Wishing Doctor Bonnie Henry well…

No Joke, It’s Springtime

Be gentle oh spring, bring me fair weather and song.

Don’t mock our daffodils or tulips,

A barn burning can’t make the crops grow,

The sinister sun plays among the clouds…

First day of spring 2021: When is the spring equinox? Other facts about the start of spring.

First day of spring 2021: When is the spring equinox? Other facts about the start of spring.
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Spring Has Sprung

In Victoria, British Columbia, cherry blossoms start to appear as early as February.

But spring is today: Saturday, March 20,2021.

Not everyone celebrate or even has a spring.

But most have or recognize four seasons.

There are many differences and ways to see and celebrate.

We acknowledge the importance of religion and secular aspects like WeatherCAN, farming and some unique activities.

So rain or shine, feast or famine, the season officially starts today.