A Slippery Creation

The fear of loosing my touch.

The undone writer isn’t who I am.

Either is the fame or lack of fame I receive due to my work.

Magical thinking is a responsible act to be practiced in everything I do.

The shoe is on the other foot for those who win great fortune due to their great work.

To let go of this fear of feelings, thoughts, actions, and beliefs are part of the job and everyday living.

Luminosity Workout

Exercise for the mind, does not preclude a healthy body.

And an exercise for the mind may help motivate the exercise for the body and vice versa.

Multiple streams of living or a confluence may build flow or at least some directional living that will attend to good health.

Add good eating habits, drinking habits, sleeping habits, listening and learning habits, laughing habits, and all the inspiration I can stomach….

Super healthy food, I may not like it, but it could help repair some of the damage from over indulgences and that spare tire I am carrying around with me.

Not to mention mindfulness, and stretching the body, going hiking, biking, and walking,

Live damn it, live some more, don’t stop for a minute, a second, a millisecond, a nanosecond.

Okay, now I’m just overdoing it. Breath, sit back, veg out: Journal!