Australian Protocol

Dr. John Campbell’s nickname for what the Australian’s are proposing for a way to venture forward with the omicron variant.

The PM is saying we need to treat everyone here as adults.

No lockdown unless they get overwhelmed in the hospital: too many ICU patients or deaths or a combination of problems that could overwhelm their hospitals.

The chief medical officer and PM are in agreement that the old way is not working and can not eliminate the virus.

The new way may help more than it will hurt.

Please understand this is not anti-vaccine, but rather a means to enhance results of heard immunity in the face of the new variant and continued vaccination and boosting…

As an adult, I believe in taking the vaccine, ventilation, social distancing, masks, good habits like hygiene for eating, sleeping and work and or exercise.

In truth, it is difficult to practice all these good habits but practice is the best prevention.

I am also blogging, journaling, meditating, and being supportive and accepting support from all those I trust.

It is best practice to learn as much as I can and make as many useful decisions regarding this pandemic.

Keep calm, be kind and do no harm…

Omicron Variant Preperation

I am eating well, sleeping well, being well (meditation), working well, vitamin d, zinc, and using the advice on jabs or vaccination.

With that said, everyone will decide how to prepare, and the best practices seem to be the safest, kindest and calmest way to proceed.

Managing change seems to be a challenge and good habits can help some.

Please support the effort and check out the vid below.