To Start A Business You Need Three Things

1. A product or Service

2. A group of people willing to pay for it.

3. And a way to get paid.

My product is a service.

I am still attracting the people willing to pay for it.

And I am still thinking about the way I want to get paid.

I am a big believer in critical thinking, cooperation and collaboration.

To do this authentically requires a dash of faith and a sprinkle of trust.

When I am ready to start my business there will also be a healthy amount of doubt and a reasonable risk.

I guess that’s more than three things, nothing here is negotiable.

It takes more than I know to start a business, but I hope all you entrepreneurs are having the time of your life trying to do it.

Good luck.

‘Apple’ Is The Real Deal!

Steve Jobs was not only an artist that brought home the iPod, iPad and iPhone, but he saved Apple by returning to Apple Inc. as its cofounder.

It is a true monopoly.

It has and will do great things for USA, China, and the world.

I am not usually such a groupie but you may be curious:

Apple makes history with $1 trillion market valuation