Explicative, distraction , rudeness

On the move, walking through, doing all you can do….

Social media and real life are converging in many ways, but it is the negative consequences that have hit a high point since our post pandemic day.

There is a way to express this nonsense and do something about it.

I am a juggler. I can keep moving when I have two or three balls in the air at once.

I do some preparation to avoid useless harm and needless suffering.

Social interventions like this polite article helps me put things in perspective.

I am usually busy and happy to be busy but I am finding it too hard to continue my way as there are too many obstacles to avoid.

Like juggling, I tend to operate in a clear space to avoid being over run.

I encounter a lot of rude people on my job, on social media and the two areas I am at risk are getting worse.

I have been run down by all the poor behaviour from a few individuals.

So, that does not stop me from the kind, cooperative approach and the many good people I encounter each day.

Today I am preparing for work by cleaning up my work space and making it safe to be the juggler I prefer to be.

I notice the vehicle is safer with regular cleaning, organization and light duty maintenance.

My schedule needs the same kind attention.

As does my social media.

My intention is to carry on this way.

Best regards,

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