…is living pay cheque to pay cheque for most.

The desire to earn more or to live beyond your means can get us in trouble.

Quenching this desire is a skill worth acquiring ASAP.

Look around, can you spend five minutes a day with yourself to sort out these crazy moods, impulses to live in a fantasy or just abandoning ourselves at the most inappropriate times?

There are some habits or ideas that may help us live for better or worse, pay cheque to pay cheque.

What is the best habit you have going for you?

I need sleep, I try to get eight hours a night.

I have improved my sleep over the last year by concentrating on it and doing my best to improve it.

They say sleep not only keeps you healthy, but it does a lot more.

Building good habits keep me ready and willing to work to live pay check to pay check.

In this sense, I think I’m doing the best I can do.

But I believe there are better ways to live, and better habits I can learn to use to find a more stable lifestyle.

Good luck with your wealth, whatever way you do it, living pay check to pay check may not be satisfactory, but it’s not a bad way to live.

My Version Of Health,Wealth And Happiness

Sleep is my health, after years of hating it or the lack of it, it has become my number one.

Sure you can measure your wealth in terms of money, I need it and try to use it on my needed food,rent and other expenses. But my more abstract need range around job,meditation, journaling and hobbies like blogging.

Lastly, I value the good life: a combination of going for flow, the proper use of impressions and being the best I can be.