Yet another state of emergency…

Local rain storm has caused flood damage which has affected everyone from incidental problem to severe emergencies.

My first concern came when my boss asked me to fill up with gas.

The link above is about the state of emergency in British Columbia after a bad rain storm.

What is a state of emergency?

The link above gives basic information about a state of emergency.

More and more we are being asked to understand events that have immediate impact on our state of mind.

This article attempts to clarify and inform this kind of situation.

For me, it is a challenge to maintain the basic needs like supplies (gas and groceries). Yet, provincial and federal authorities continue to do a good job at the management of COVID-19, opiate pandemic, and the recent rain storm here in British Columbia.

Following all the rules are taxing but worth doing for my own health and safety, not to mention the good it does for us all.

There may be short term effects to the build in states of emergency here in B.C. But things are improving each day.

I got my gas and groceries with little or no difficulty this morning.

Please support the effort…

Too Hot For Comfort: state of emergency in bc

As the fires rage on across this province, fire fighters fight, air bombers drop their loads, it seems like a war on fire. But in reality, safety first, and common sense will rule the day.

Many resources are needed to ensure the safety of all concerned throughout British Columbia.

Many hours of work go by containing the flames to let the fire burn itself out.

The people, workers too, are not always safe from breathing in smoke and fumes.

We need to improve on health and safety for everyone.

Thankful for all the workers and good information to keep us aware during this crisis.

Always thankful for health and safety, support and help in day to day living.