Anxiety Of Being (the simple feeling)

Behavior is important when working through very complex parts of being human.

I am describing being able to express feelings, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and who we are on the regular basis.

A big part of being me is about knowing who I am.

There is a lot of awareness or noticing who I am to be the best I can be in the moment.

I’m not a sadist, vain, egotist, arrogant, belligerent or a bully.

But I get depressed, sad, sentimental, scared, afraid, tired, lonely, hungry (cravings, lustful, jealous, obsessive, and ashamed from time to time).

But, don’t we all.

I get happy, calm, bored, aloof, lazy, driven, motivated, anxious, lively, alert, clear, excited, sober, and abrupt.

I feel, think, accept, act, believe and maintain a decent state of awareness.

I struggle to be responsible in a balanced sort of way.

Therefore, I believe there is a great deal of anxiety generated from simple day to day struggles to maintain a healthy level of self -control.

So, I take every opportunity I can to deconstruct my state of anxiety to determine the best course in the moment.

I usually, journal, talk to myself, and think about the day.

I practice good habits each day.

A good one for my anxiety is to act on my best behavior whenever I am tired, lonely, hungry or angry.

I can usually control my feelings better by practicing good habits when my energy is high, moderate or low.

I tend to take things on when my energy is high or moderate but minimize my action when my energy is low.

I believe all my life is important in shaping me into a good life.

I believe in doing a good job with my ‘bad-self’.

I will always take care of myself, so I can live well and engage myself and others in a healthy way.

I guess I have been blessed with good people and support and a willingness to be a healthy person.

So, why all the hubbub about being ‘anxious’?

I want to embrace my anxiety and use this feeling to express self-control and doing no harm to myself and others.

I am learning to act in a responsible, loving way in all my affairs: living well is it’s own reward!

Best of luck to all those trying to do the same in their lives.


There are lots of habits that kill motivation:  TV, over-working, drinking, over-/under almost anything!

I’ve heard lots of terms that describe the problem.  I like simple words like ‘craving’.

The solution is simply to stop acting out when I am feeling out of it.

There is a lot of daily work required to give up pacification.

I am into writing and reading which fills up my life when I don’t act out.  Otherwise, I am happy doing all the other kinds of work/adult-play.

This is what I call being alive and well ,in my day to day ,with work, chores, hobbies and people (mostly friends and relatives).

But everybody has his/her story and we pretty much do the same stuff to live and stay sane.

People with the resources are pretty grateful for their lives.

Holidays put needless stress on all of us.

So I like to remind myself to get off the coach and do the work now.

I’m happy this week to be at the library for an hour.

I’m thinking of ways to pay it forward.  For me, it is to make my annual donation to my two favourite charities.

So, outside the wide range of stuff in my busy life, I am grateful for it all:  good, bad and ugly.

Happy, happy, have a good one.