​Millions of Canadians are at risk of a serious sleep condition — here’s why so few are diagnosed | CBC News

One in three Canadians sleep less than the recommended seven to nine hours per night. The culprit could be too much screen time, stress or caffeine, but few Canadians realize their daytime doziness may be directly caused by a condition called sleep apnea that can have serious health ramifications.
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Obesity can lead to many problems that culminate into worse health outcomes and slow or obstruct recovery from compounding illness.

How Can I Ever Understand This Kind Of Crime

When I hear this coached language, I hardly recognize the passionate feelings of hate towards those who committed the crime.

A heinous crime is something we all hate, fear and feel tortured and tormented by,

There are various crimes that provoke this feeling in me:  murder and rape:

How to express the utter ruin  of the act is depressing at the very least:


Awareness is the best place to start!




Don’t Feel The Reaper…

Just a little creepy.

Don’t you think?

Suicidal is a way of thinking and acting upon the most depressing and desperate thoughts and feeling.

Perhaps, it is like a heavy metal song, this idea, that may support people with false courage for confidence to head down a path too deep for recovery.

Like a vehicle going out of control, on a gravel road.

Going a little too fast with emotions, thoughts, action and belief: chronic depression and anxiety.

Common sense says to slow down, get help or find a way to recover some self-control before a fatal mistake or accident happens to people in this state.

This is the ultimate kind of lose. Lose of one’s own life.