Lois Lane

As a Superman fan, I loved the way Margot Kidder brought this character to life.

This lady passed away recently, and I would like to pass on my condolences to family and friends.

Her daughter knew Kidder had taken her own life and was grateful the news had come to light.

Transparency on suicide is a good but difficult necessity.

There is no shame, yet stigma needs to be washed away with COAL (curiosity, openness,acceptance and love).

In tribute to this marvelous actor and her lasting memory, I suggest everyone watch the movie and invite a friend for company and a chit chat about this ‘ pretty woman’.


Don’t Feel The Reaper…

Just a little creepy.

Don’t you think?

Suicidal is a way of thinking and acting upon the most depressing and desperate thoughts and feeling.

Perhaps, it is like a heavy metal song, this idea, that may support people with false courage for confidence to head down a path too deep for recovery.

Like a vehicle going out of control, on a gravel road.

Going a little too fast with emotions, thoughts, action and belief: chronic depression and anxiety.

Common sense says to slow down, get help or find a way to recover some self-control before a fatal mistake or accident happens to people in this state.

This is the ultimate kind of lose. Lose of one’s own life.

Instant Gratification (slow suicide)

Stop doing things for pleasure when it leads to biological extinction.

Kill your devices, when they start to control you more than you control them.

Do you ‘smoke’ to excess?

Are your drinking habits or eating habits leading you to disease?

What little pleasure today is leading to excessive pain and suffering tomorrow?

There is no ‘instant’ gratification.

There is only pain and suffering when trying to replace good works with spiritual junkfood.

If a belief leads to premature death, it is not a belief worth acting upon.

Unless, the action slows down or changes the bad habit into a good one.

No one is talking sainthood or stopping all the bad habits in their tracks.

But learn not to run to bad habits to cope with depression, anxiety and fear.

Don’t medicate your problems.

Find a purpose or meaning that will allow you to balance the good in your life with the bad.

A suicide is extinction.

A depression leads to suicide.

A medicated problem leads to depression.

Don’t use instant gratification.  Give it up!